What's New in Wonderware InTouch 2017 [Webinar]

Preview the Power of InTouch 2017

Even after 30 years of market dominance in HMI, Wonderware InTouch just keeps getting better. Take a deep dive into InTouch 2017 with InTouch HMI Product Manager, Eduardo Ballina.

So Many Reasons to Check Out This Webinar

In this 1-hour webinar, we’ll show you how the key new features in InTouch 2017 will propel your operational excellence further and faster by:

  • Delivering more simplicity with HMI runtime pan and zoom
  • Increasing productivity with the new InTouch Script Editor
  • Improving processor performance with redesigned events and alarms control (EAC)
  • Saving development time with handy application templates
  • Improving engineering productivity with repeatable window templates
  • Leveraging the power of ArchestrA graphics with ‘frame’ type windows
  • Designing applications on one device for any target resolution on any other device

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Wonderware System Platform 2017 with InTouch OMI, the World’s First Responsive Visualization Engine for Modern User Experiences. From HMI and SCADA systems to MES and IIoT applications, System Platform 2017 opens you to a new world of operational efficiency.