Training Wonderware MES Performance


The Wonderware MES – Performance training is an instructor-led course that provides lectures and hands-on labs designed to provide a good working knowledge of MES – Performance features to develop MES applications. It addresses the configuration and depoyment of a data collection system to allow the analysis and reporting of equipment utilization, quality and performance using the ArchestrA architecture.

Who should attend?

Application developers, engineers, system integrators, consultants, and other individuals who need to use MES Software/Performance in their manufacturing or other processes


  • Configure and license Middleware connections within a single node or between multiple nodes in a network
  • Model plant equipment (entities) in the MES database
  • Define entity utilization states and reason codes
  • Enable capabilities in the Utilization Capability Object to track Performance Events in a production environment
  • Use objects in a Galaxy to automatically track equipment utilization
  • Manage work orders and jobs within MES
  • Use the Wonderware MES Client and Performance Web Portal to define the information necessary to collect Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) data
  • Use MES/Performance as a central downtime information repository and reporting tool
  • Retrieve and report downtime data and analyze OEE
  • Use the MES Galaxy objects to report OEE
  • Use MES .NET controls to access OEE data


  • Completion of an Application Server course
  • Completion of the InTouch for System Platform course

Training duration

2 days

Attend training