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We provide manufacturers with tools for continuous improvement by making data-centricity the essential starting point for process automization.

Our Expertise

Our mission is to ensure that all our customers become ‘best in class’ by effectively using their production and process data for analysis. We are the knowledge partner for our customers in manufacturing when it comes to data driven process optimization. With our industrial ETL and self-service analytics software, the various departments within a manufacturing company are able to jointly build a Data Analytics Platform that provides valuable insights into the production processes.

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Data Analytics for Manufacturing

The Wonderware Intelligence software makes it possible to quickly obtain useful insights into your production process. Connect to local and cloud applications and bring data from different data sources together into one data store

The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for end users to create a wide variety of visualizations. Build dashboards, analyse, discover correlations and share insights with the rest of the organization.

“We were able to gain insights we weren’t able to gain in recent years”

Mark Jorritsma, Team Lead Production & Utilities at Vrumona

The Wonderware Intelligence software

We focus on creating the most innovative and reliable industrial software to empower individuals, teams and businesses of all sizes, to become extraordinary. With the broadest installed base of any industrial software and the most feature-rich products available, Wonderware has been the driving force of innovation in the industrial software market for decades. Over a third of the world’s companies trust Wonderware software to run their plants. Our industrial software is at the heart of businesses in every imaginable industry. 

Taken individually, data sources generally bring valuable information to end users. However, when different data sources are assembled together in a single, contextualized and trusted data set covering industrial operations as a whole, the business value of manufacturing data really thrives. The Wonderware Intelligence software synthesizes data from across the plant, revealing relationships and insights that would be all but invisible otherwise. It models data into manageable chunks, so that industrial teams can easily track performance against the metrics that matter most – in time enough to make a difference. The Wonderware Intelligence solution consists out of 2 software components: the Intelligence Server (ETL software) and the Intelligence Analytics Client (visualisation software).

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Intelligence Server

Intelligence Server is an ETL system that provides the core services for managing the acquisition, aggregation and persistence of operational metrics across connected data sources. The software uniquely manages contextualization of information across multiple sources of time stamp and relational data, and stores extracted information in a SQL data store optimized for retrieval. The Intelligence Server is highly scalable, and can be established in a hierarchical data structure for aggregating multiple databases into one data store. The database provides open, flexible access with Intelligence Clients (see below), or for any of your preferred analytics, business intelligence, or client tools.

Industrial ETL: Extract, Transform and Load

The Wonderware Intelligence Solution is ETL software that has been developed specifically for manufacturing. It makes it possible to merge and transform data from all different data sources into a single contextualized data set (Microsoft SQL Server based).

Connect to a wide variety of data sources

The Wonderware Intelligence Server can connect to a wide variety of data source systems. Data sources include SQL Server or Oracle databases, Text files, Schneider Electric/AVEVA applications (Wonderware MES, InBatch, Historian, etc.); enterprise data and third-party sources such as historians, MES, HMI/SCADA; and other plant systems.

Configure your Information Model

The Intelligence’s Information Model is configured and structured using three standard components: Data sources, Measures and Dimensions. Build an ETL model that integrates perfectly with your data sources to make the most out of your data. Stop spending too much time on manually collecting your data and transforming it into in Excel sheets over and over again.

Create time-based relationships

Intelligence’s unique ‘timeslicing’ functionality enables you to answer the questions you weren’t able to answer before. It transforms time-series data into contextualized aggregates by processing historian data in context with discrete/string tags or external events (batch, MES, process and equipment events). The Intelligence software extends context references with full definition and specifications in one integrated database.

Intelligence Analytics

Intelligence Analytics Client is a user-friendly self service analytics tool, allowing end users from the plant floor to corporate level to create a wide variety of charts and dashboards. Transform data into valuable information by exploring and analyzing your data, monitor your KPI’s and gain meaningful insights. The simple drag and drop capabilities enable users to quickly visualize and analyze Intelligence data. Share your insights within your organization and deliver role-based information for all required organization levels.

Transform data into visual information

Make your data come alive by transforming large numbers of records into easy understandable charts. Use the contextualized data set coming from the Intelligence Server to build interactive dashboards where end-users can easily request the information they need. Visual information can be processed much times faster by the human brain than plain text and is also easier to remember.

Search for correlations

Discover unknown relationships in the process by comparing data from two or more variables. Set multiple variables against each other and view what influence they have.

Drive effective collaboration

Share dashboards with anyone, anywhere, anytime, with the publishing tool that simplifies distribution across your organisation. Set up the Intelligence Analytics Dashboard Server and give your people access to a personalized dashboard portal.

Build a dashboard within minutes

The user-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone within your organization to build a dashboard. Create eye-catching and easy understandable visualizations that really make sense to the people using it.

Monitor your KPI’s

Keep track on the metrics that matter most. Dashboards can be refreshed at any time with the latest information thanks to the near real-time data updates.

Expand your analytical platform

New insights raise follow-up questions. Deep dive into your data and answer increasingly complex questions. When your organization is ready, it is also possible to integrate advanced analytical techniques such as R and Python to take your analytical platform to the next level.

Discover What Wonderware Intelligence can Do For You

Are you interested in a Proof of Concept in your organisation? Or do you just want to have more information about our solution? Or would you like to have a no-obligation discussion about the possibilities that your production data offers you? Our consultants will provide you with realistic and feasible advice.


Hands-on Training

We teach you how to use our software to its full potential in one of our hands-on Training Programs. Whether you are an established professional or new to the domain, Wonderware instructor-led training will teach you how to use the Manufacturing Analytics software to design and develop solutions to be applied to your specific business needs. For our Manufacturing Analytics solution we provide 1-day training programs on both the Intelligence Server and the Intelligence Analytics Client.


Training Intelligence Server

This one-day training is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the features and functionality of the Wonderware Intelligence Server. The theory and hands-on workshop supplies the knowledge necessary to use Wonderware Intelligence to access, aggregate, contextualize (provide relationships) from disparate data sources. After this course you’ll be able to build a data model configuration with a data set that is suitable for analytical purposes.

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Training Intelligence Analytics

This one-day training provides a fundamental understanding of the features and functionality of Wonderware Intelligence Analytics Client. Analytics Client offers sophisticated, intuitive and interactive self-service analytics. The workshop is focused on end-users and includes lab-based instructions and analytical exercises based on production data. You will learn how to answer analytical questions coming from the factory floor by building insightful charts and dashboards.

Full course description and registration

Analyze production data in five steps!

Would you like to find out what new insights an analysis of your production data can deliver for your organization? A first step is simply to test how data analysis can add value to your organization. Join Wonderware Benelux in meeting the challenge of demonstrating this in five steps and request a Proof of Concept.

Step 1: Defining the project

What are we going to create and how is this relevant to your production process? What requirements is the PoC going to meet in order to succeed? What is wanted from the future solution? The answers to these questions are the basis for the PoC. During this phase, we identify together a point to aim for and determine the success factors and acceptance criteria.

Step 2: Designing a manageable use case

Focus is the key word. A PoC succeeds when it is clearly demarcated. In our experience, successful projects always start with a manageable question and a clear goal. During a workshop with your domain expert, we consider what information is necessary and how it should be made available. This is the time to outline the desired analyses and dashboards.

Step 3: Building the use case solution in Wonderware Intelligence

In this phase, our data expert carries out the translation of data into information. By linking data sources and calculating important performance indicators, an analysis environment is created and dashboards are given shape. This is an iterative process and an interaction between data expert and process/domain expert, who work together to arrive at new insights.

Step 4: Presenting the project results

What insights has the PoC delivered? Where is there the potential for making savings or how can product quality be enhanced? At the end of the PoC, the data and domain experts together present the results to the stakeholders. There is then the opportunity for a two-week trial period.

Step 5: Evaluating the results and decide to buy or not to buy

How do we move on from here? What kind of help is needed? Following the trial period, there is a Go/NoGO moment and the choice is made whether to go ahead and purchase the software. We work with you to find ways of further utilizing data analysis in your factory.


Would you like to find out what new insights an analysis of your production data can deliver for your organization? A first step is simply to test how data analysis can add value to your organization. Join Wonderware Benelux in meeting the challenge of demonstrating this in five steps and request a Proof of Concept.

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