Sensitive App Framework and leverage bundled Apps in System Platform 2017!

View our On-Demand Webinar: Context Sensitive App Framework leveraging Operations Management Interface (OMI)


  • Show & tell of demo application highlighting what enables OMI script free using built-In Navigation and complete runtime framework with UI UX with faceplates, layouts, menus, styling and themes
  • Showcase the out of the box applications (SCADA Playback, InSight, Mapping App, Alarm Adviser, new Nav Explorer) that delivered with the WSP 2017 release aimed delivering operation efficiency.
  • How is graphical content built & automatically rendered in OMI visualization using Screen Layouts, Panes & Content Types Build ArchestrA Graphics Once, Display on Any Device (HD, UHD, Multi-Monitor, Phone, Tablet) and even InTouch Web Client