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Course Name Week Date Month Price DKK Price NOK Price SEK Location Register latest Attend 
Application Server 40 5-8 OCT 7650 9950 9500 VIRTUAL /English 17-Sep REGISTER
Citect SCADA Architecture & Redundancy 41 11-12 OCT 3850 5000 4800 VIRTUAL /English 24-Sep REGISTER
Citect SCADA Configuration 43 26-28 OCT 5800 7500 7200 VIRTUAL /English 08-Oct REGISTER
InTouch HMI 43 26-29 OCT 7650 9950 9500 VIRTUAL /English 08-Oct REGISTER
Citect SCADA Cicode 45 9-10 NOV 3850 5000 4800 VIRTUAL /English 22-Oct REGISTER
Application Server 47 23-26 NOV 7650 9950 9500 VIRTUAL/English 09-Nov REGISTER
InTouch HMI 48 30-3 NOV/DEC 7650 9950 9500 VIRTUAL /English 16-Nov REGISTER
Supervisory Client 49 7-10 DEC 7650 9950 9500 VIRTUAL/English 23-Nov REGISTER
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Course Name               Submit Interest
InTouch HMI               SUBMIT INTEREST
AVEVA Edge               SUBMIT INTEREST
Batch Management (formerly InBatch)               SUBMIT INTEREST
Workflow Management (form. Skelta BPM)               SUBMIT INTEREST
Recipe Management (form. Recipe Manager Plus)               SUBMIT INTEREST
MES - Operations               SUBMIT INTEREST
MES - Performance               SUBMIT INTEREST
MES - Quality               SUBMIT INTEREST
Intelligence Server               SUBMIT INTEREST
Intelligence Analytics Client               SUBMIT INTEREST


About Language

All our classes are held in English as a standard, but at the start of each class we check with the participants if it's ok to do it in local Scandinavian language, if everybody is comfortable with that. If the teacher is Swedish and all attendees are Swedish too, then of course we speak Swedish, but we often have mixed classes and then it is important that all students are comfortable with the language and therefore we set English as a standard.