Global network of automation specialists

The best-fit software solution for any business or public sector body may require capabilities that cross technologies, experts, brands and cultures. The Wonderware Community is a global network of automation specialists who are experts in adapting Wonderware solutions to the needs of specific industries. They help you do what you do, and better.

Choose your team

Our partners are experts in industrial sales, delivery and solutions. Our partner community, which involves strategic alliances with some of the world’s most proven and innovative software developers, includes authorised regional distributors, solutions providers and systems integrators, as well as software and hardware developers and original equipment manufacturers, all ready to join forces with you. Operators of more than 200,000 plants and industrial installations worldwide have come to rely on our partner community to help them realise their company’s vision for its operations.

How end users benefit from the community too

  • Measurable improvement. See results in performance, quality, throughput, compliance or any other KPI you choose to measure.
  • Access to innovation. The Wonderware Community is made up of companies and people who are shaping today’s industrial software.
  • Maximum choice. With the automation industry’s most extensive menu of software solutions, you won’t have to settle for less than the best.
  • Domain expertise. Our partners have the experience, skills and tools to meet the needs of just about every branch of industry.
  • Local knowledge and accessibility. With more than 3600 system integrator partners at locations worldwide, you have access to companies who know the local market.
  • On-time, on-budget delivery. Our delivery experts design and deliver on-site solutions backed by local technical support and a global network of technical experts ready to support you 24/7, ensuring the quality of service you need as you expand your production or manufacturing processes.
  • Best practices. Thanks to our ongoing, long-term collaborations you can be sure that the innovation you are getting is based on tried-and-tested solutions.
  • As your business changes and grows our partners evolve along with you.
  • Certified expertise. Our training and certification programme covers multiple products and software platforms and objectively assesses and evaluates the experts to whom you trust your business.