Wonderware-oplossingen voor intelligente, geïntegreerde infrastructuuromgevingen

Oplossingen voor slimme steden, vervoer, luchthavens, afvalstoffenbeheer en andere infrastructurele diensten.

Infrastructure management challenges

Municipalities, transport companies, defense organizations and public utilities provide the infrastructures people depend on for everything we do.

The more efficiently these infrastructures operate, the greater their contribution to the health and well-being of all users. To find an answer to urbanization, overcrowding, traffic congestion, pollution, insecurity and other critical infrastructure challenges, we need complex networks that operate efficiently and safely.

Monitor multiple public services from one control room. Take advantage of the new connectivity options.

Infrastructure solutions based on Wonderware software make this possible. The basis is Wonderware System Platform, a powerful integration platform that uses reusable component objects to easily build, deploy and deploy infrastructure management applications. Thanks to the extensive Situational Awareness symbol libraries, the operators of these applications are more aware of the situational context. A suite of powerful Wonderware applications enables a whole new level of process management and information management. Using this integration and visibility, you can manage your infrastructure the way you want, while giving your operators more time to focus on their core tasks. They are now better equipped to recognize and understand abnormal situations, so that they can respond more quickly to solve any problems.

El Prat Airport, Barcelona

ENAIRE has developed a Smart City solution for Barcelona El Prat Airport for a dynamic, functional, reliable and safe infrastructure.

Put Wonderware to work for you

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