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Webinar 3 of 5 - How the connected worker manages your plant assets

How is the connected worker able to prioritize, plan, schedule and execute safe and compliant work? The connected worker has the ability to close the divide between assets and operations, and is able to cut maintenance costs. Because we can digitize the work processes, we can enable the connected worker to work smarter and have more context when making critical decisions. We will look at how Aveva's integrated APM solutions allow the connected worker to keep on improving his usefulness.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why shop floor data is so fundamental for asset maintenance
  • How you can predict failures
  • How to get your core platform strong and agile
  • What steps do we take to help with your asset strategy, and understand what maintenance budget you need next year
  • Why you should have the option between cloud or not


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