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Webinar: Model Driven MES | Manufacturing Execution 'redefined'

It is most unfortunate, but many MES projects fail. The reasons for failing can be multiple: from lack of commitment from the management, to unrealistic expectations and from last minute scope creep to organization’s processes that are not well defined.

Next to these reasons we also have the complexity of the implementation that makes it sometimes hard to deliver the MES project in time. Most of these issues we – as the market leader in MES software – cannot influence, but these issues have a huge impact on the quality, completeness and timing of the MES project. The items we, as Wonderware, can address like complexity of implementation are now covered by the introduction of Wonderware’s Model Driven MES.

During this Wonderware Wednesday Webinar we will introduce this new Model Driven MES approach to the viewer. An approach that results in an easier, faster and more reliable implementation.

(This webinar will be conducted in English)

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