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Webinar: AVEVA Edge 2020

Discover the possibilities of AVEVA Edge as a shop floor HMI or as a multi-protocol acquisition gateway (200+ industrial protocols, OPC UA, MQTT).
AVEVA Edge is especially suited for embedded applications of machine builders (OEMs) and solution providers (VARs), including native OPC UA support, but also for Industrial IoT applications via support of the MQTT SparkPlug B specification. It can be deployed and run on small panels, embedded devices and supports remote access from SmartPhones and tablets without any client installation. It is also natively integrable with System Platform and Historian.
Configure a multi-platform HMI application specifically designed for low-borrowth OS (Windows Embedded, Compact Edition, Linux) and connect your remote machines directly from the operational layer to monitor their status, performance, calculate their OEE, etc...
Discover the new centralized management service offered by the AVEVA Edge Management solution: rather than maintaining disparate Edge applications individually across multiple networks, AVEVA Edge Management allows you to securely deploy and update edge applications from the AVEVA Connect Cloud.

Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Time: 4:00 pm
Duration: one hour



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