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Manufacturing Analytics | Proof of Concept

Despite the limitless possibilities with Manufacturing Analytics, the key to success is to start with a small scope. During the webinar we show you – on the basis of our proven approach – how you can start analyzing your process data by initiating a very budget-friendly Proof of Concept in order to implement improvements immediately.

This webinar has ended.

You can watch the upcoming webinar live on this page. One hour before the start of the webinar the live stream appears below. The English version will be recorded and published afterwards.

Webinar Agenda 2019

View the promo below (Dutch) and see what you can expect from us in the near future. In addition to the regular webinars, we also make videos where we let partners talk about their specific solutions, and Tips & Tricks videos where we show the How-To’s of the Wonderware software.

Previous Webinars


    Manufacturing Analytics | Proof of Concept (Dutch & English), 8th of May 2019

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  • Manufacturing in the Cloud with Microsoft (English only), 28th of March 2018

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  • Energy Management (Dutch only), 17th of January 2018

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  • Manufacturing Analytics & Data Science (Dutch only), 6th of December 2017

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  • Smart Cities & Smart Infrastructure (Dutch only), 25th of October 2017

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  • Opportunities and threats of the Industrial Internet of Things (Dutch only), 27th of September 2017

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