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About Wonderware Skelta BPM

Successful manufacturing requires the alignment of many actions. The greater the coordination between the logistics, production, quality, asset maintenance, plant safety, regulatory compliance and other interdependent plant functions, the greater will be the plant ROI and ROA. Traditionally, different people manage each of these functions, usually using differing software applications. They have high need for structured collaboration and usually make the best effort to do so, but they are only human; inconsistency, error and incomplete context come with the territory.

Wonderware Skelta BPM advanced workflow software changes all that. As the workflow platform for Wonderware Manufacturing Operations Management applications, it provides the capability to manage, enforce and document processes cross-company, replacing manual processes and paperwork with electronic workflows. It encompasses everything from routine operations to escalated responses  to critical plant operating conditions.

Following are among the benefits that can be expected from implementing Wonderware Skelta BPM:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Enforcement of standard operational procedures (SOP’s)
  • Elimination of paper documents with electronic forms and information views
  • Increased collaboration across functional domains
  • Improved compliance to internal and external regulatory mandates
  • Process execution visibility  and  monitoring of organizational performance
  • Integration with the automated processes and enterprise systems
  • Standardization of operational business processes across multiple locations

Fujirebio Diagnostics Implements a Paperless Electronic Initiative for its Biomarker-Manufacturing

Watch this video to see how Fujirebio Diagnostics used BPM to reduce equipment monitoring time by more than 1000 man hours per year, reduce quality assurance time by two-thirds and improve regulatory compliance.

Advanced Workflow Management for Industry Operations

Wonderware Skelta BPM differs from generic BPM software through native integration with Wonderware System Platform, with Wonderware MES and other productivity applications and with Avantis EAM. Users can trigger processes directly from control system equipment conditions and process alerts, as well as from work order execution, quality, performance or inventory logistics events in real-time. Wonderware Skelta BPM can also respond to events originating in Microsoft SQL server and Oracle databases, in XML messages, Web services and other generic interfaces. It integrates with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office for support of enterprise systems and document and communication standards.

Model, Capture, and Reuse

Wonderware Skelta BPM provides the foundation for modeling, capturing and reusing any type of industrial process. This includes configuring, deploying and running manufacturing operations based on Wonderware software. Skelta is part of our platform approach to integrate, simplify and standardize operational processes across the enterprise and to facilitate multi-site Manufacturing Operations Management that speed time to value and reduce total cost of ownership.

How Skelta BPM is Applied

Wonderware Skelta BPM software supports numerous roles within organizations, generating new efficiencies in the following operational areas:

  • Enforcement of standard operating procedures by electronic work instructions, structured approvals and data entry task management, including product changeover and pre-production logistics processes
  • Electronic records of procedural execution, including e-signature
  • Escalation of critical alarm condition
  • Notifications and collaboration on maintenance requirements in response to equipment breakdown or planned maintenance activities
  • Material receiving and inspections procedures
  • Quality management procedures and quality sign-off of approval processes
  • Management of HACCP procedures and EHS inspections
  • Specification or recipe change management processes, to deploy changes in product lifecycle management (PLM) or master recipe management applications
  • Continuous improvement processes, such as Kaizen programs 

What is Wonderware Skelta BPM?

Wonderware Skelta BPM is advanced business process management and workflow software for managing activity flow involving people or systems, inside or outside an organization. It enables companies to model, execute, analyze and improve operational processes to drive higher levels of productivity, collaboration and innovation.

Connectivity to automated production processes through Wonderware System Platform integration and third party manufacturing operations applications allows for a true end-to-end operational process management and a platform to standardize processes across industrial enterprises.

Wonderware Skelta BPM Components:

Enterprise Console

The Enterprise Console for is used for centralized process management. It includes a process repository, provides for process integration, and categorization of process steps.

Forms Designer

Forms Designer is a Web-based design tool for creating complex layouts using smart controls. Its design-friendly canvas allows direct drop, scroll and device previews. Web-based, responsive design forms allow creation of complex user interface easily. Integration with lists and workflows enable rapid deployment of business applications. Manage versioning and security of all forms for compliance. New forms enable implementation of image-assisted, paperless processes.

Business Activity Monitor (BAM)

An integrated, out of the box reporting and activity monitoring tool, the business activity monitor (BAM) allows you to build customizable KPI’s; conduct Performance Analysis; associate workflows with BAM events; and receive proactive alerts of Business Exceptions and KPI’s. BAM includes a dashboard which highlights both workflow status and workflow instances, for at-a-glance management of your processes.

Work Tasks

Wonderware Skelta BPM Work Tasks empower users who are on the move to stay connected with their mission critical business processes while ensuring the security of their interactions. Work Tasks for iOS and Windows tablet offers enhanced enterprise mobility and collaboration among stakeholders.

Connectors (SharePoint, Office, etc.)

Out of the box connectors for both industrial and business applications give you the flexibility to integrate your enterprise. Wonderware Skelta BPM can also respond to events originating in MS SQL server and Oracle databases, in XML messages, Web services and other generic interfaces. It integrates with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office.

Wonderware Skelta BPM Features

Synchronize, Simplify and Share Workflows connect people-based processes with real-time automation.

  • Synchronize

    Synchronize manual and automated operations. Event-triggered workflows connect people-based processes with real-time automation.

  • Simplify

    A common user interface allows users to access information that is generated and maintained in multiple, disparate applications.

  • Share

    Easy connections to legacy and third party applications and devices maintain the existing investment while increasing the level of integration and collaboration.

Compliance Made Easy

Wonderware Skelta BPM helps execute operational procedures to exact specifications and document the results, while at the same time increasing performance, streamlining execution and reduces cost of compliance. The software automates capture of workflow execution and data records and can enforce and track manual data entry. Electronic reports and production documents are generated in the wake, simplifying compliance and related reporting significantly.  This improves compliance with legal requirements for health and sanitation, safety or pollution control and helps enforce compliance with standard good manufacturing practices or company defined standards and procedures.

Workflows and attached forms can be exported as reusable process packages for deployment across multiple instances of the software, which allows for true standardization of processes across the company.

Envision and Model

Wonderware Skelta BPM shows all process steps with an intuitive, visual process and forms modeling environment.  Create user input forms and associate with workflows on multiple devices, easily.

Manage and Execute

Synchronize human and machine actions dynamically with sophisticated out-of-the-box and customized human workflow services for scenarios such as:

  • Coordinating across a broad range of communication channels including Web pages, email, SMS, Messenger, and mobile apps
  • Multi-level calendars for managing team resource availability
  • Shift supervisor escalation mechanisms to avoid tasks delays
  • Supports your mobile workforce with notifications, task management and information access on mobile devices

Analyze and Optimize

A powerful Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) tool, configurable KPI's, and proactive multichannel alerts of business exceptions provide advanced, easy to use functionality for continuous process monitoring and optimization, making it easy to:

  • Track production workflow activities for accelerated business efficiency
  • Track productivity to eliminate workflow bottlenecks
  • Receive dynamic alerts by email when business level policies and SLAs are violated
  • Receive exhaustive reports on automated exception handling, defined through customizable KPIs

What’s New with Skelta BPM

New features boost efficiency, adaptability and applications deployment.

Updated compatibility with Wonderware System platform strengthens workflow/model integration.

Wonderware Skelta BPM Components:

Increased Engineering Efficiency

A new forms editor now provides a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) user experience. Also new is the use of JavaScript for the client side script editor, supporting the most commonly used standard for scripting in web applications.

Auto-adaptive form factoring for desktops, tablets and smart phones

Auto-adaptive form factoring eliminates the need to create and maintain multiple form layouts to support user interaction across different devices

Adaptability for composite applications

 The new Forms environment allows users to configure composite applications across Wonderware and third party content and application functionality quickly, and to build collaborative environments rapidly, without writing code. Adoption of the Wonderware common user interface and user experience standards provides a truly seamless user experience when Wonderware application content is combined in composite workflow forms.

Improved packaging and distribution

New HTML5-based Form support, including support for composite Forms with embedded controls and custom activities and controls, reduces the effort in developing applications in one place for use in another.

Compatibility with Wonderware System Platform 2014 R2

An updated Wonderware System Platform connector facilitates Wonderware Skelta BPM 2014 R2 use with Wonderware System Platform 2014 R2.

Put Wonderware Skelta BPM
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