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High fidelity batch and recipe management

About Wonderware InBatch

Wonderware InBatch software effectively manages flexible, multi-stream and multi-product batch operations found in the process industries, including life sciences, fine chemicals and food and beverage/CPG. Adhering to the ISA-88 standards for batch control, Wonderware InBatch provides guidance and oversight to both recipe management and batch execution. It automates batch processes to deliver consistent quality to recipe specifications and genealogy for a complete batch history.

Customers using InBatch report higher asset utilization, increased operational efficiency and faster time to market for new products. InBatch empowers process engineers to methodically and safely create and modify recipes, maintaining compliance with both internal and external regulatory or safety requirements.

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  • What it is:

    Wonderware® InBatch® is control system independent batch management software that can be used for the most complex batching processes that require a high level of flexibility.

    Equipped with easy-to-use recipe configuration tools, process engineers can quickly create or change recipe procedures and formulas without requiring any expertise in the underlying control systems.

  • InBatch’s uniqueness is in its process capabilities model, which goes beyond ISA-88 to include transfer phases. This enables the batch engine to manage flexible product paths, allowing simultaneous multi-product and multi-stream batch execution on shared equipment.Built-in security and material management capabilities including material consumption, movements and inventory levels contribute to a comprehensive Electronic Batch Record (EBR) and reduce the cost to comply with industry regulations.

Wonderware InBatch helps drive the largest canned milk factory in the world

F&N Dairies Thailand, the largest canned milk manufacturer in the world, achieves significant savings in production, logistics and inventory costs with the help of Wonderware InBatch.

Server Versatility

The InBatch Server hosts a process model, material and recipe information, coordinates concurrent batch execution across networked equipment and facilitates operator interaction. InBatch manages batch execution either connecting directly to a control system or via Wonderware System Platform integration. Multiple InBatch Servers can be configured to share a single batch history database. InBatch facilitates the deployment of solution architectures to meet the needs of critical batch applications and high availability:

  • Warm Restart – Batch Manager can restore a previously known-good system state upon restart after unexpected system shutdown.
  • Redundant Option – The Redundant Batch Server mirrors the operations of the primary server. If there is a hardware issue on the primary server, the back-up server takes over.
  • Virtualization support – InBatch supports Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere virtualization platform options to implement HA (High Availability) and DR (Disaster Recovery) architectures.

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Powerful Clients

InBatch software provides remote development and runtime client applications, as well as .NET and ActiveX Controls that can be easily integrated into Wonderware InTouch HMI process graphic displays. This provides operators an integrated user interface to the batch server. The remote desktop services edition for InBatch clients is a cost-effective solution for applications that benefit from central administration and maintenance of multiple InBatch clients.

Stay connected yet independent

Smart Interfaces

InBatch software includes a set of programmatic interfaces to develop custom batch interface applications, provide access to the material and the recipe databases, access the batch function interface, extend the capabilities of the Batch Manager and enable enterprise integration.

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Open Connectivity and Integration

InBatch offers connectivity for real-time communication to any control system or plant floor device through Wonderware DA Servers, but it is best leveraged and easily extended with the power of Wonderware System Platform.

InBatch provides batch object templates for units, connections, segments and phases and a model import utility to automatically build and synchronize the InBatch process model in the Wonderware Application Server model. InBatch execution information is directly available for use with other software such as Wonderware Historian, Wonderware MES Software and Wonderware Skelta BPM, as well as for integration with third party systems.

InBatch Server is an alarm provider for the Wonderware distributed alarm system and an event provider to the Wonderware System Platform Event Services. InBatch sends event type and context data which can be used to perform external actions, such as triggering Wonderware Skelta BPM workflows.

For advanced analytics and reporting, Wonderware Intelligence Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence software comes with preconfigured dashboards, interactive reports and a data model for InBatch.

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Wonderware InBatch Features

Advanced modeling, simulation, batch execution, integration features get you to a better batch.

  • Model

    Equipped with easy to use recipe configuration tools, process engineers can quickly create or change recipe procedures and formulas without requiring any expertise in the underlying control system.

  • Simulate

    Recipes can be simulated against a model of the process without writing a line of control code.

  • Execute

    Batch scheduling, sophisticated equipment arbitration and concurrent batch management capabilities maximize asset utilization and throughput in multi-product and multi-stream plant environments.

What’s New with Wonderware InBatch

Latest Wonderware InBatch includes greater versatility in recipe component management, graphic representation, modeling and control

InBatch includes recipe component comparison. Improved importing and exporting capability, automated formula breakdowns, delivery of batch controls as .NET and interface localization.

Recipe Comparison Report

Recipe comparison report, comparing two versions of the same recipe to easily identify or document the differences.


Export/Import of parts of the InBatch Model so these can be re-used in other instances of InBatch software.

Recipe Formula Breakdowns

Breakdown of the formula of a recipe so that multiple instances of a formula can be defined to be used with the recipe procedure.

Batch Controls

Delivery of batch controls as .NET, in addition to ActiveX to better support the use of the Batch User Interface as part of a reusable ArchestrA Graphics library.

Interface Localization

Ability to localize the InBatch User Interface with support for Western alphabetic languages.

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