Wonderware Solutions for Oil and Gas Production, Processing and Refining

Heightened flexibility, economy and productivity for the oil and gas industry.

About Wonderware Solutions
for Oil and Gas

The price volatility and the shifts in demand encourage facilities in the oil and gas industry to focus on “sweating the assets” – safely increasing the business output in an environmentally sound manner.

Wonderware and the Internet of Things

For years you have heard about what the digital revolution can do for oil and gas production and have seen some successes, but now the IIoT provides a  missing link that moves the hydrocarbons industries to  a new level of connectivity.

In upstream oil and gas production, this new level means extending the life of the wells and operating more efficiently. In upstream processing it means operating more reliably and more efficiently. And in refining and petrochemical operations it means improving reliability and efficiency as well, but it also means staying competitive by finding new flexibility to process a greater variety of crude oils. The ability to switch from gasoline to diesel fuel production quickly, for example, can have significant bottom-line benefits.

Within each industry segment, we help customers identify what we call “value-leaks” and articulate and implement the operations improvements needed to close them.

We Help Oil and Gas Producers, Processors and Refiners Build Leaner Facilities and Run Them Better

24 of the 25 top petroleum companies, most of the Americas’ pipelines and most of the world’s major EPC firms use our products to achieve and sustain high performance. Our users have achieved the following performance improvements:

  • Improvements in upstream oil and gas operations

    ◦ Up to 25% in increases in production efficiency
    ◦ Up to 30% reduction in construction and expansion costs
    ◦ Up to 7% reduction in production decline
    ◦ Up to 6% increases in production efficiency
    ◦ Up to 15% increases in processing efficiency
    ◦ Up to 2% increases in processing throughput

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  • Improvements in downstream oil and gas operations

    ◦ Up to 11% increase in refinery efficiency
    ◦ Up to USD $5 M per year by improving fuels blending
    ◦ Up to USD $10 M per year by improving product yield
    ◦ Up to USD $15 M per year by improving availability
    ◦ Up to USD $29 M per year by improving efficiency
    ◦ Up to USD $36 M per year by improving crude utilization

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Dedicated Oil & Gas Industry Solutions

We achieve and sustain these improvements through connectivity, operations and information management solutions tailored to the oil and gas industry:

Off-sites management

A wide range of Wonderware solutions help focus limited resources on the ultimate goal of delivering improved production value. These increase effectiveness by eliminating distractions such as alarm storms, manual loop control, and tuning and optimizing those same loops.

Extended Data Access

Display Historian data via Wonderware InTouch or analyze it with Wonderware Historian Client, Wonderware Online, Wonderware Intelligence, Wonderware SmartGlance and Dream Report for Wonderware.

Business Intelligence/EMI

Rich analytics enable informed decision making that optimizes and improves plant operations. Real-time analytics reflect actual operating conditions and include drill down capabilities to uncover root causes and allow “what if” scenarios and workforce collaboration, establishing and enforcing best practices.

Production energy management

Easy-to-use point solutions maximize energy performance and deliver energy savings of up to 7 percent. These solutions include real-time business intelligence, asset performance management and production optimization. Schneider Electric can also design and implement holistic solutions that establish an energy culture that can maximize and accelerate energy performance for increased savings of up to 15 percent.

Asset Performance Management

Technology, enabled by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is empowering a shift to a holistic and operations-centric view, where proactive and predictive maintenance (PdM) enables front line personnel to act before costly failures occur.

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