What’s New with Wonderware Historian Client

New optimization, modeling, redundancy and visualization support are among the newest features of the Wonderware Historian Client.

Latest Updates from
Wonderware Historian Client

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Wonderware Historian Client provides tighter integration with the functionality of Wonderware Historian and its popular desktop and Web clients.

Optimize Your Process in Real-Time

From Historian Client, initiate a new data modeling method that helps confidently anticipate future production totals and resource availability and adjust accordingly.

Plot future data in Trend using the new “Extrapolate using linear regression” transformation setting.

Better Analysis and Decision Making Using Modeling

From Historian Client, use data modeling to selectively fill in gaps caused by data acquisition failures to more confidently deduce trends with periods of missing data.

Expanded “Estimate when values are missing” option now can apply to all retrieval settings.

Enhanced Redundancy

Ensure high availability by connecting automatically to a redundant historian, should the primary historian go down and then by restoring the connection once the primary historian is up again.

Data Visualization and Support

  • Visualize modeled data in Trend Client
  • Support for cloud architectures (Client and Trend)
  • Support for cloud-based applications
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014

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