Wonderware System Platform

Real-time SCADA and operations management unifying people, information and processes

About Wonderware System Platform

Wonderware System Platform is a complete industrial automation solution.

With 20 years of proven success worldwide, across market segments ranging from process and discrete manufacturing, oil and gas, food and beverage, water and wastewater and power and utilities among others, Wonderware System Platform is the preferred, trusted choice for thousands of system integrators and end users.

System Platform empowers users with rich visualization, intelligent alarming, flexible analysis and reporting tools in addition to plug-in extension applications such as MES, workflow, quality, batch and enterprise Integration for sustainable production and operations performance improvement.

It uniquely delivers a core foundation for secure, geographically distributed supervisory SCADA applications, plantwide control systems integrations and connectivity of plant floor and remote intelligent sensors into the enterprise.

System Platform is an integrated, unifying supervisory platform that is integral to business processes and systems. It serves as the single source of actionable information for operational, engineering and corporate business users.

System Platform Key Value Drivers:

  • Unparalleled Engineering Simplicity
  • Unmatched Operational Agility
  • Real-time Actionable Intelligence
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Enterprise-wide Standards Compliance
  • Continuous Process Improvement

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Complete Industrial Automation

The pace of industry is not slowing down anytime soon. System Platform is a centralized management suite that integrates your people, information and assets.

How System Platform Will Help You

With Wonderware System Platform, you will understand the intricacies of your operations like never before. You will make better decisions in real time, operate equipment more efficiently and collaborate more effectively across all departments.

Helping Engineers:

  • Faster implementations and lower engineering costs
  • Higher application integrity through enterprise-wide standardization
  • Rapid change management to quickly respond to changing business requirements
  • An open platform on which to design secure IIoT applications

Helping Operators:

  • Improved situational awareness due to intuitive, actionable visualizations
  • Increased operator effectiveness and handling of critical abnormalities
  • Minimized shutdowns and system maintenance during unplanned downtime

Helping Remote Users:

  • Securely connect any user, anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Improve the efficiency and responsiveness of your field service and maintenance organization
  • Collaborate with functional teams inside and outside of the plant

Helping IT Managers and CXOs:

  • Effective, timely management using simple intuitive KPIs
  • Common information management, analysis and reporting across all levels of the organization
  • Industrial strength cyber security, audit trails, user and group authentication and access control

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Wonderware Benelux can demonstrate the ideal operating platform on which to build your future.