Wonderware Systems Integration Partners

Installing, configuring, operating and maintaining your Wonderware solutions.

About the Wonderware System Integrator Partner Programs

The Wonderware System Integrator Communityis a global network of skilled partners who apply Wonderware software solutions to client requirements

Recognizing that every company will have different needs, Wonderware operates a certification program that guides users in mapping system integrators capabilities to their requirements. Wonderware certifies three general levels of integration based on experience:

Wonderware SI Partner Program

    • Registered SI Partners – These are partners just beginning to work with Wonderware solutions. They are sponsored by a distributor that is fully enrolled in the partners program and has completed product-level training.
    • Certified SI Partners – These partners have a longer track record of integrating solutions on the Wonderware System Platform or in applying Wonderware technology in vertical industry applications or technology toolkits. They typically employ multiple developers trained in applying Wonderware solutions. Companies at this level are certified by site location.
    • Endorsed SI Partners – This is the highest level in the program and by invitation only for systems integrators who have demonstrated best-in-class capabilities working with Wonderware solutions. These companies will have extensive experience in delivering comprehensive complex solutions that increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs and maximize profits for their customers.
    • Specialist Solutions Provider Partner Program – The Specialist Solutions Provider (SSP) Partner Program focuses on highlighting partners industry sector specializations and today applies to Wonderware (Asia Pacific Region only) and Avantis solutions.
Further information:

Wonderware SI Partner Program, send e-mail to

Specialist Solutions Provider Partner Program, send e-mail to

No partner receives any level of Wonderware certification until they have demonstrated the highest standards of capability excellence. Your Wonderware distributor will work closely with you to be sure that you have the perfect fit for your operations.

Find A Delivery & Systems Integration Partner

What to Expect From the Wonderware Partner Community

Our Partner community provides a one-stop shop for measurable performance management of manufacturing operations. Sharing best practices with this community is how we as a company continue to build on our reputation for consistency, quality and service. No matter how complex a customer’s needs become, our partner network is poised to meet them, providing customers with access to the range of technology, products and services expertise that only a mature, experienced partner community can provide. Always expect the following from our partners;

  • Advanced project skills to deliver quality in project implementation
  • Solutions that address multi-plant sites – in country – across regions
  • Experience with legacy multi-vendor hardware and software
  • A holistic view of both plant floor and business process operations
  • Best practices delivery methodologies throughout the project lifecycle
  • Access to and experience with the latest Wonderware software products and services

Partner Certification Means Peace of Mind for End Users

Partner certification minimizes risks in project delivery and migration from legacy solutions. Whatever your situation, you can be sure that you will be paired with solution providers that have been subjected to rigorous screening and evaluation on their ability to perform your mission.  Certification is our way of measuring their ability to understand user needs and apply the right mix of Wonderware software to meet them.

Selecting the Right Partner
for Multi-Plant Projects

When you purchase a Wonderware solution, the license sale is only the beginning. The next step is building the project delivery team who will configure and implement the solution. The System Integrator Partner Locator will help you choose from a vast and capable pool of delivery and solutions specialist organizations, with the opportunity for you refine your selection by industry, country, specialist product expertise and certification to help you select the right partner to work with.