The Wonderware Partner Community

Putting Wonderware software to work for you

A Global Network of Automation Specialists

The optimal software solution for any business or municipality could require capabilities that cross technologies, experts, brands and cultures.

The Wonderware Partner Community is the global network of automation specialists who are expert in adapting Wonderware solutions to the needs of specific industries.

It is how Wonderware connects you with the operations, information and interface software that helps you do whatever you do, better. For Wonderware end-users, access to such a large, well-structured community brings the following benefits:

  • Measurable improvement. See results in performance, quality, throughput, compliance or whatever KPIs you designate.
  • Access to innovation. Wonderware community includes the company and people that are shaping industrial software.
  • Maximum choice of options. The automation industry’s broadest software solutions menu means that you won’t have to settle for less than the best.
  • Domain expertise.  Partners have experience, skills and tools specific to most every industry.
  • Local Knowledge and Accessibility. With more 3600 system integrator partner locations, you can be sure you will have access to companies who know your local market environment.
  • On time, on budget delivery. Our delivery experts provide you with on-site solutions design and delivery backed by local technical support and a global network of technical experts 24/7 ensuring quality of service as you expand your manufacturing operations.
  • Best practices. Years of structured collaboration assure you that you are getting innovation in the context of tried-and-true solutions.
  • Flexibility. Partners evolve with you as your business changes and grow.
  • Certified Expertise. The training and certification program covers multiple products and software platforms and provides objective quantification of the experts to whom you trust your business.

Choosing Your Team

The Wonderware Partner Community is a global network of industrial sales, delivery and solutions experts. It includes strategic alliances with some of the world’s most proven and innovative software developers. It includes Wonderware authorized regional distributors. It includes solutions providers and systems integrators, as well as software and hardware developers and original equipment manufacturers. Together, they make up one of the largest value-add partner networks in the industrial automation industry today and they are ready to marshal forces around your needs. More than 200,000 plants worldwide have come to rely on our partner community to help execute on their company’s manufacturing operational vision.

Business Models and Product Sets for Wonderware Partners

Distribution Partners

  • Focus: Sales and support for partners and customers
  • Assigned territory(s) in region
  • Provides SW license fulfillment services to SI, VAR, OEM and direct to the end user customer
  • Provides L1 and L2 support to end user
  • Sponsor and provide sales support to SI, VAR, OEM partner
  • Collaborate on project opportunities with SIs doing delivery and PM
  • Authorized Training Providers also provide training to end user, SI. VAR, OEM Partners and Customers

Consulting Alliance Partners

  • Have IT/business solutions & SAP expertise and collaborate on pursuits with our software delivery teams sell, deliver and support advanced applications & ECS projects
  • Consult/ integrate solutions for global commercial and government client base
  • Established global or geo specific market presence

Business Focus:

  • Heavy focus on business process re-engineering services, with solution services and product add-ons
  • Horizontal technology practices and vertical market/solutions
  • Offer consulting services or SW/HW solutions
  • Define SOA strategy
  • Consulting partner examples: Cognizant, ATOS Origin, Sogeti Accenture, TCS, CMC

Systems Integrator

Business Model

  • Focus: Systems Integrator
  • SI has ‘standardized’ on Wonderware for their solutions
  • Do not re-badge the product or re-brand
  • Wonderware EULA is accepted and used by the customer
  • Systems Integrator participants at Partner Endorsed, Certified and Registered levels
  • Purchase licenses direct from regional Wonderware Distributors 

Wonderware Business Focus:

  • Provide efficient and secure monitoring solutions
  • Develop solutions for operational analysis and control
  • Integrate their solutions with IT and business systems
  • Work with our Wonderware portfolio of products and services
  • SI Partner Examples: Refer to the Software Partner directory for listings of SI Partner Companies

View our Partner SI Directory

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Business Model

  • Focus: machine builders
  • Standardized on Wonderware for their machines or solutions
  • Re-brand/re-badge Wonderware products: issue their own end user license agreements (EULAs) which incorporate ours
  • Participants at Solution Partner Endorsed and Certified levels
  • Broad market coverage through large direct and indirect channels
  • Contract with our company or regional Distributor
  • Size varies: Large OEMs (e.g. Taiwan, Japan) to small niche machine builders (e.g. Germany)

WonderwareBusiness Focus:

  • Provide efficient and secure monitoring solutions
  • Develop solutions for operational analysis and control
  • Integrate their solutions with IT and business systems
  • Create MES and batching systems
  • OEM Partner Examples: Refer to the Software Partner Directory located here

Technology Alliance Partners

Business Model

  • Provide technology knowledge, expertise and IP that integrates with and supports vendor alliance. Collaborative arrangement for mutual growth vs. individual effort
  • Involves technology transfer and access to knowledge and expertise
  • Joint GTM strategy and dedicated resources teams from both parties – share cost and risk 

Wonderware Business Focus

  • Software, Hardware, Networking solutions that integrate with our software portfolio
  • Alliance Partner Examples:Microsoft, SAP, ESRI, Flexera

Product Partners

Business Model

  • Registered, Certified and Endorsed Partner levels
  • Partner products proven compatibility with our product portfolio
  • Enables users to fully-leverage the breadth of capabilities provided by our Partners
  • Software and Technical Support are provided to Partner to achieve functional certification
  • Partners can do self-certification whenever possible
  • Endorsed products are resold and listed on the software product price list

Wonderware Business Focus
Vertical and horizontal applications that complement our product portfolio. Current applications solutions available for following operational management areas:

  • Mobile workforce
  • Operator effectiveness
  • Production optimization

Partner examples:
Refer to the Partner Solutions directory for a listings of Partner Products located here

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