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Wonderware Prometheus

Delivering a high level programming environment that automates complex configuration tasks and enables you to configure all of your control components, regardless of type or brand.

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Wonderware Online InStudio

A revolutionary new service which complements your Wonderware Development Studio software to help you with rapid project creation, project archiving, capacity and storage on-demand.

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A transformation is occurring in the industrial world.

The Industrial Internet of Things

The Wonderware approach to IIoT establishes a framework that enables closed loop business & operations.

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Wonderware Software

Powering the Industrial World

At Wonderware we believe in the limitless potential of technology to empower people and transform businesses.

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From Human powered
to Empowered Humans

At Wonderware we believe in the limitless potential of technology to empower people and transform businesses. We focus on creating the most innovative and reliable industrial software to empower individuals, teams and businesses of all sizes, to become extraordinary.

Wonderware is here to provide you with the tools, training and support you need to break free from the average and achieve the amazing.

Impossible Is Becoming Extinct

With the broadest installed base of any industrial software and the most feature-rich products available, Wonderware has been the driving force of innovation in the industrial software market for decades. Together we can change the face of industry and infrastructure.

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Ingenuity Is Nothing Until It's Applied

Over a third of the world’s companies trust Wonderware software to run their plants. Our industrial software is at the heart of businesses in every imaginable industry. Find out what it means to be truly empowered.

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Manifest Your Vision

You didn’t start your career to be average or to settle for just “Good Enough”. At Wonderware we never settle, we are driven by an uncompromising quest for improved efficiency and performance, and we transform that into industrial software that lets you do amazing things.

Dream BIGGER, Imagine BETTER, Wonder ON.

  • HMI and SCADA

    HMI and SCADA

    Over a third of the world's plants trust Wonderware HMI and SCADA solutions to run their plants. Our industrial software is at the heart of businesses in every imaginable industry.

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  • Industrial Information Management

    Industrial Information Management

    Wonderware Industrial Information Management is the strategic collection, storage, retrieval and analysis of production data.

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  • MES and MOM

    MES and MOM

    Helping customers harness data to improve their operations has become a critical part of our mission.

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  • Industries Served

    Industries Served

    With a presence in over a third of the world’s plants and in almost every industry, we have a software solution that can solve your industrial automation and operational challenges.

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Wonderware Benelux Support

Wonderware Benelux is the Wonderware Certified Support Provider in Benelux. Members of our Team also hold titles of Wonderware Certified Training Provider, Microsoft Certified Database Administrator and Microsoft Certified Professional.

Our team of Tech Support Specialists are ready to answer your questions and help you solve your technical issues. Our Application Engineers are all engineers with industry experience to go along with their extensive Wonderware software training. This combination allows us to provide support in the context of your manufacturing challenges so that you get the best advice possible.

Whether you need guidance installing, configuring and maintaining equipment and software, diagnosing and fixing operating problem, we deliver the tools and answers that you need to keep your manufacturing and industrial automation equipment up and running.

Customers with membership in the Wonderware Customer First Program have access to our support staff for expert advice on applying, configuring, using, and maintaining any of the Wonderware product offerings along with assistance on best practices for implementation.

Wonderware’s Customer First Program consists of a portfolio of distinct levels of service: Standard level, Premium level and Elite level. These service levels have been created to meet the varied and demanding requirements of industrial manufacturing.

For more information about this support contract, please contact us at:


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