Water & Wastewater

Most farms are not equipped to manage major software systems. The use of a lightweight cloud-based solution with mobile capabilities was an absolute eye-opener and has enabled many farms to join the digital revolution and seize IIoT opportunities.

Water wastage is a costly issue that has no place in a sustainable world. Farms need a lot of water and so reducing wastage is a sure way to achieve major savings. WaterForce specialises in irrigation systems and offers innovative solutions that enable farmers to operate and monitor their sprinklers remotely by checking sensor data and making well-founded decisions based on the data. WaterForce’s solutions have been enriched with Wonderware software to enable farmers, especially in countries as large as New Zealand, where distances are often far greater than here in the Netherlands, to save time, water and money.

Effective water management because information management, analyses and automation are now taken care of perfectly with Wonderware.


  • Monitor and manage important irrigation systems remotely for greater operational efficiency, more efficient water and energy consumption and better compliance with legal requirements.
  • Optimise existing equipment and use cloud and IIoT technology to offer a real-time up-to-date overall view of the important irrigation systems.


  • WaterForce was looking for a technology partner who wanted to help develop and supply a scalable, reliable and future-proof IIoT solution with all the trimmings. A partner with knowledge of communication options, operating systems and analysis.
  • Irrigation pumps and centre-pivot irrigation systems are located in remote places, meaning that the cloud platform may be plagued by reception issues and data delays.


  • Improved insight into the performance and status of irrigation systems, both for farmers and for WaterForce.
  • More efficient and effective water usage, with farmers reporting savings of as much as 50% on their energy bills after the first season.
  • The remote monitoring saves the farmers a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted on driving out to remote places to inspect equipment.
  • WaterForce can now offer extra value-added services, such as error diagnostics and performance benchmarking.

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