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To remain on the cutting-edge of education and research, the University’s Energy Department needed to find a more effective method of managing facility operations at its 140 buildings The University of Strasbourg Centralizes Facility Management Processes with Wonderware


  • Integrate all facility and equipment processes using one simple, yet scalable, software solution designed specifically for facilities management applications
  • Easily access data records of equipment and personnel activities for evaluating best practices


  • Various standards and practices existed at each of the University’s 140 buildings spread across 60 miles
  • No standards existed for the supervisory and data acquisition applications at any of the facilities
  • Seamless transition to new system with no loss of critical data


  • Centralized Management System helps operations of 140 buildings located in and around Strasbourg
  • The successful integration provides a uniformed, scalable and seamless process that enables staff to effectively evaluate and act on data in real time
  • Simplified supervisory control system enables comprehensive data management
  • Better visibility and control of installations via access to centralized technical data

‘Wonderware System Platform enables us to successfully manage operations at our 140 buildings by accurately processing technical data in real-time’

Damien Bertrand, Energy Department Manager

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Strasbourg, France — Known as the historic center of European culture and politics, Strasbourg has been a city of many “first” over the centuries. It is where Johannes Gutenberg created the first European moveable type printing press making the city the early book-printing capital for the Roman Empire, and it is the birthplace of the first modern newspaper in 1605. As a city known for innovation and advancement, it comes as no surprise that Strasbourg is also home to the second-largest university in France, the University of Strasbourg. The University’s founding dates back to the early 16th century and is today known as Europe’s foremost leading research facility, educating more than 43,000 students with a staff of over 2,600 professors and researchers.

To remain on the cutting-edge of education and research, the University’s Energy Department needed to find a more effective method of managing facility operations at its 140 buildings spread across 60 miles of Strasbourg’s city center and the surrounding area. The University’s facilities management team was determined to choose the most advanced software to effectively deliver common controls and seamless integration to connect all of its facilities. That choice was a Wonderware® software solution from Invensys. Integrated System Links University’s Various Building Systems When the University’s Energy Department was created in 2004, it was faced with a daunting task — effectively organize and manage the various types of systems and equipment used at each of its locations, as well as the multitude of suppliers and subcontractors supporting them. In addition, each of the University’s locations operated independently, using their own equipment processes to manage their facilities. No centralized method existed for monitoring and collecting data on assets, HVAC, electricity and other facility processes that would allow Energy Department staff to review trends and identify better practices for saving time, money and energy.

“The idea of implementing a Centralized Management System (CMS) became obvious to us very quickly, but the most urgent requirement was implementing a more effective process to control overall facilities operations,” said Damien Bertrand, manager of the Energy Department at the University of Strasbourg. “We began by establishing a standard, centralized software program to automate all operations and connect all facility locations. The solution had to provide an ‘open’ architecture which could easily integrate with existing systems, and capture operations data from the various equipment located throughout our campuses.” The University’s search for an open, scalable supervisory control and monitoring system led them to Wonderware System Platform. Wonderware System Platform provides the University with an extensive array of capabilities that meets its needs for a solution that effectively collects and manages data from all building systems and assets. In addition, it easily integrated with the University’s existing asset data management program, which was a key requirement for the system implementation. Data collected at the various campuses is automatically imported into the central database which saves time and reduces the chance of “human error” if manually entering data into the system. “The interconnection between Wonderware System Platform and the University’s current asset management system provides our staff with a uniform, seamless process enabling them to more effectively evaluate and act on data in real time,” Bertrand said.

“Our staff can now easily obtain critical information on a building, a location or equipment to determine management or repair actions that should be taken.” Driving Better Systems Performance and Staff Collaboration Wonderware System Platform is backed by more than 25 years of extensive research, development, and customer implementations. Wonderware System Platform provides an effective process to centralize data gathering, provide advanced visualization, and enable extensive data analysis to improve overall asset and energy efficiencies at campus buildings located throughout the city. Everything is built and managed within the same software infrastructure, dramatically reducing development times and ongoing system maintenance costs commonly associated with multiple applications running at multiple sites. Specifically designed to achieve more performance from the University’s assets, Wonderware System Platform enables the Energy Department’s staff and systems to better collaborate and generate more value from its existing facilities’ software applications. Designed to effectively integrate people, information and processes, Wonderware System Platform empowers and motivates collaboration. “The Wonderware solution enables our staff to capture data coming from various sources throughout our campuses,” Bertrand said. “This information is particularly useful to our staff by enabling them to review trends of energy usage and other critical data which assists in controlling costs of overall facility operations.”

Data Collection Key to Improved Processes Wonderware System Platform also features one of the industry’s most powerful data historian applications — Wonderware Historian. Wonderware Historian is a high-performance, real-time database for the industrial enterprise that offers unparalleled scalability, up to 2,000,000 tags, with greater retrieval throughput than ever before. Wonderware Historian generates actionable information for faster, more accurate decision-making by the University’s Energy Department staff.

With Wonderware Historian Client, Energy Department staff have rich data analysis and reporting capabilities to maximize the value of information stored in Wonderware Historian. They can quickly troubleshoot problems, study potential process inefficiencies and eliminate the time-consuming process of locating data. Wonderware Historian makes delivery and visualization of this information easy. Wonderware Historian can be configured either as a single data collection and aggregation system, or as a part of a larger, multi-tiered architecture. Local facilities have high-resolution data they need for detailed troubleshooting, and University decision makers have aggregated data to compare the performance of multiple facilities. Since the University has geographically distributed facilities, Wonderware Historian is the ideal choice with its ability to maintain data integrity while handling intermittent, late or bursts of data. It also offers Energy Department staff 24/7 access to process data while keeping their control and business networks isolated from each other. Wonderware Historian offers a highly cost-effective solution for both of these requirements. Visualization, Integration and Connectivity Critical to Success The system’s visualization capabilities are provided by Wonderware InTouch®. Wonderware InTouch is an open, extensible supervisory HMI and SCADA solution that enables the University’s Energy Department to quickly create standardized, reusable visualization applications and deploy them across the entire enterprise.

“The object-concept Wonderware InTouch is based on corresponds to our department’s need for precise visualization and presentation of critical data,” Bertrand said. “The application’s innovative device integration capabilities and extensive connectivity to virtually every device and system at our various locations enable enterprise-wide control and data acquisition, bringing the right information to the right people at the right time.” Wonderware InTouch provides a user-friendly view of each of the University’s building control systems which can be accessed by Energy Department staff and management from any location. Staff can quickly address issues and troubleshoot problems in real-time.

Wonderware InTouch also sends alerts and alarms to individual workstations, so operators can take immediate action to rectify issues. With Wonderware InTouch, the staff at the University of Strasbourg can make better decisions faster, drive maximum performance of facility assets, lower operating costs, and secure critical data. Wonderware System Platform and its integrated applications provide the University of Strasbourg with unparalleled visualization, configuration, deployment, communication, security, data connectivity, data management, and people collaboration capabilities. With the help of Invensys and its Wonderware solutions, the University has successfully updated and integrated its operations management processes, and can now effectively blend its buildings’ “old world charm” with an effective “modern-day” facilities management software system.

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