Seminole County

SmartGlance (now AVEVA Insight) alerts enable proactive tackling of problems, i.e. before a problem actually becomes a problem, ensuring that the residents of Seminole County are assured of running water.

Seminole County in the US state of Florida covers an area of nearly 800 square kilometres and has over 440,000 residents. Water is a basic necessity, and to guarantee the water supply for all households and companies in the county, the local authority has invested in a system that reduces faults in the water supply network. With SmartGlance by Wonderware, faults can in many cases be detected ahead of time, so that plans can be made to tackle them before they actually jeopardise water production.

The implementation of a mobile process management system has allowed Seminole County to guarantee the production of over 174,000,000 litres of water a day


  • Implement a mobile process management system to guarantee security of production of over 174 million litres of water a day.
  • Give field operators access to critical data on mobile devices for instant and well-founded decision-making on-site.


  • An operator used to have to be on call 24 hours a day to monitor SCADA, or to respond to incoming alerts and call people to deal with any issues. This had to change, a smarter way of working was required. However, since the role of the operator was set to change considerably in the new situation, and to get as many people as possible to embrace the change, a lot of attention also went into showing exactly how this tool helps boost OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).
  • Seminole County needed a better way of gaining access to the Process Historian data and sharing it with field operators.


  • Useful data with alerts is now accessible from anywhere and on any device for effective management of daily water production.
  • While it used to take half an hour for operators to receive key data for optimum management of Seminole County’s 10 water treatment plants, it now takes only a few minutes.
  • Seeing as the real-time data can be viewed on mobile devices, there is no need for operators to drive to a site to resolve an issue.
  • The operators will get an alert to take action before problems actually materialise, so that Seminole County’s 440,000 inhabitants will in principle never be without water.

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