Linn Energy

Thanks to the remote performance monitoring of the system that is unmanned overnight, it is now possible to assess quickly whether or not an intervention on-site is needed.

US-based Linn Energy is a household name worldwide when it comes to hydrocarbon exploration. What Michael Linn started in 2003 has meanwhile grown into a billion-dollar company. This rapid growth also created a need, with a view to safety and efficiency, to monitor all systems remotely and turn the available data into useful management information. Linn Energy chose Wonderware!

Within a time span of only a few days, Linn Energy has managed to increase its operational effectiveness by optimising data accessibility and visibility for the various teams.


  • Unlock essential management information that used to be available only at the central control room.
  • Enable remote system performance monitoring - especially at night, when the system is unmanned - to be able to determine whether or not an intervention is required.


  • Linn Energy was after a safe and secure system that gives operators any-time and anywhere access - including remote access - to all the available system performance information.
  • The solution had to be straightforward to implement and use, so that operators can focus fully on managing the system and do not have to spend time on software maintenance or training (new) employees.


  • Within a time span of only a few days, Linn Energy was able to measurably improve its operational decision-making by optimising access to and visibility of information for the various teams, while also enabling teams to share information with each other.
  • Critical operating network information has been unlocked and is now available to all operators.
  • Improved visibility of critical data for engineers, calibrators and third parties.
  • Information is now shared all the time, anywhere and on any device, producing enormous time savings as operators can now assess alerts and events remotely.

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