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With a production of well over 620,000 tonnes of various sorts of animal feed, ABZ Diervoeding is a significant player in the Netherlands. ABZ Diervoeding offers a vast range of quality feed for the poultry, cattle, pig, goat and sheep farming sectors. Feed variety of all kinds are customised according to the breed and type of livestock. Creating a separate recipe for each animal demands effective and comprehensive recipe management and a powerful SCADA system to manage all the production processes.

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  • Implementing a reliable, user-friendly platform with intuitive interfacing
  • Exchanging process data between operational units to enable quality and performance improvements.
  • The guarantee that the system is always up to date to optimally make use of system functionality and features.
  • To quickly expand functionality across various operation units by standardising the library
  • Budget transparency into the system's maintenance cost


  • A large application had to be migrated and finalised in one day
  • Multiple sites needed to upgrade as outdated systems increased the risk of production downtime and cyber attacks
  • Visualisation of plant data from multiple sites had to be captured in a central actionable format
  • Multiple sites hat to interlink to share date


  • ABZ Diervoeding can easily exchange measured data among the locations. Through clear visualisations
  • The manufacturing plant was modernised with a reliable SCADA environment offering the latest technology and functionality
  • Through clear visualisation, actionable information is made visible to the operators and decision-makers for quality and performance improvements
  • A 3year customer first contract with fixed pricing offered ABZ the insurance of support and ease of mind for future expenses
  • The moment the location in Nijkerk was updated, AVEVA Plant SCADA® launched the 2018 Version (the upgrade to the Latest Plant SCADA version, including 20 clients, was finalised in less than one day).


"Creating a separate recipe for each animal demands effective and comprehensive recipe management and a powerful SCADA system. AVEVA Plant SCADA helps us manage all the production processes and steer effectively on quality and performance improvement."

Production Manager of ABZ Diervoeding

The organisation, ABZ Diervoeding has grown considerably over the past few decades. System integrator CGI is the implementation partner for ABZ Diervoeding helping them streamline their industrial automation processes for over 20 years. "Years ago, we deliberately chose Citect, now AVEVA Plant SCADA®, to run our plant in Nijkerk. After a successful implementation at Nijkerk the other plants followed," explains the Production Manager of ABZ Diervoeding. "Back then, Citect was far ahead of its time and helped us to achieve our growth ambitions effectively."

The production location in Nijkerk was due for an upgrade, so this was the perfect moment to expand the functionality of the solution.

Creating a separate recipe for each animal demands effective and comprehensive recipe management and a powerful SCADA system like Citect, now known as AVEVA Plant SCADA, to manage all the production processes.

 In 2018, with 5 locations active, ABZ and CGI concluded that building on this existing stable foundation would be a natural choice. 

ABZ explains: "AVEVA Plant SCADA® is constantly developing, and the support is always excellent. We explored the market but quickly concluded that there was no reason to switch. AVEVA Plant SCADA® supplies us with everything we need. We wanted to arrange a few things differently, in particular the certainty that our software is always up-to-date

Besides that, we have particular needs concerning standardising and expanding the library, as well as improved ease-of-use across various sites, and these aspects have all been realised." 


The latest versions always provide many additional features. If you continue to install all the patches and keep the solution up-to-date, you enhance the system availability. This is vital, certainly in a production environment, because you want to make sure everything runs smoothly. "Therefore, you need to update your systems regularly," adds the CGI Product Manager. "What you often see in the industry is that little to no changes are made once machines are in operation. Not implementing updates can mean that you miss the advantage of new features when these become available." CGI engaged AVEVA in this process. Bas van Diepen (Wonderware Benelux) explains the collaboration: "The three of us - the Customer, the system integrator and AVEVA Select – were all on the same page. It was clear to all of us from the beginning that we needed to look beyond the horizon with this project. So, this not only involved a well-organised, operational switch, but we also wanted to guarantee that the application stays up-to-date through a 3-year maintenance agreement. By supporting this with a 3-year Customer First support agreement, you can always be sure you have the latest technology, and you can use the full potential of new functionality."

Good preparations show rewards

The Wonderware Benelux specialists have supported CGI in developing the library for Nijkerk. "We created a templated approach with reusable building blocks. This standard can then be used at all locations, and only one environment needs to be validated. This way of work reduces the implementation time at each location. We knew that the other locations would follow; we just hadn't decided on the time schedule yet."


The project, step by step


First, the library was renewed and expanded, and the system in Nijkerk was updated and optimised. ABZ Diervoeding also completely modernised the control room with large display screens and placed large monitors on the shop floor. These screens and monitors ensure that all machine and production data is accessible for everyone.

"The moment we finished at the location in Nijkerk, the AVEVA Plant SCADA® 2018 version was launched. The upgrade to the latest version, including 20 clients, was finalised in less than one day. We then used the templates developed for Nijkerk for the remaining locations, and these sites were also upgraded to the latest version. Thanks to good preparations and employing the right specialists, this was all arranged without a hick-up."

ABZ Diervoeding opts for certainty

"Ultimately, it was decided to tender it as a total project, including a three-year maintenance contract with a fixed price."

The working relationship between CGI and ABZ Diervoeding dates back many years, and CGI has supported all the successful steps set by ABZ. "Our solution goes far beyond the SCADA aspect. It ensures that ABZ Diervoeding can easily exchange measured data among the locations. Through clear visualisations, current information is made visible to the operator(s) and accessible for use right away through user-friendly reports."

This allows ABZ Diervoeding to continue driving quality and performance improvement. ABZ Diervoeding is ready for the future and knows it can rely on quick response, if necessary, thanks to expert partners that always ensures the total solution is up-to-date.


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