Wonderware System Platform 2017 Update 3 Share

Expand Engineering Efficiency of InTouch OMI Data Driven Model

  • Object Wizards graphics can directly be placed in panes
  • External content linking (documents, videos, images, etc.) with assets and navigation items provide additional context

Increase Operator usability & user experience

  • InTouch OMI Alarm and Trend Apps provide contextual properties
  • InTouch Web Client adds HTML5 alarms and trends

Most Secure System Platform version ever released!

  • Encrypted comms eliminate threat of man in the middle attack
  • InTouch OMI Single Sign On (SSO) login for current OS user

What’s new in System Platform 2017 Update 3?

System Platform 2017 introduced InTouch OMI, the first Operations Management Interface to leverage both Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and deliver a next generation visualization experience. InTouch OMI extends traditional HMI and SCADA applications to deliver a unified visualization client to integrate your new and existing operational and IT systems.

System Platform 2017 Update 3 is aimed at extending the data driven capability of InTouch OMI in addition to bridging the functionality gaps and achieving parity with InTouch HMI. System Platform 2017 Update 3 new features and capabilities include the following:

  • Engineering Efficiency
  • InTouch OMI allows linking object wizard with a symbol wizard directly into a pane to streamline the task of configuring field assets along with the UI visualization behavior expanding our standards-driven, model-based approach
  • Associating and linking rich, external content (e.g. docs, video, maps and web links) with an object and navigation items further extends scope of information possible without any scripting. This capability will allow linking legacy InTouch applications into OMI displays. As such, this further protects prior engineering investments in InTouch (or 3rd party HMI).
  • Touch-enabled App SDK makes building native multi-touch Apps a breeze
  • Global numeric styling provides standardization & consistency of data format **

User Experience & Usability

  • Users can search the navigation hierarchy model for an asset or alias name providing an intuitive runtime user experience for Operators
  • Configurable zoom-able hotspots on ArchestrA graphics provide Operators instant visibility of specific map locations or overview displays
  • Enhanced Historian Trend OMI App now supports context by automatically loading pens for the selected asset in addition to loading pens for different assets (if configured) which gives Operators ability to compare assets
  • Enhanced OMI Alarm App can be configured to support context of selected asset or area. The OMI Alarm App provide out-of-box control menu bar and alarm grid that provides the ability to filter by area and acknowledge alarms **
  • InTouch Access Anywhere now auto-populates the InTouch OMI applications as it does for InTouch HMI applications providing full monitoring and control capability for mobile and remote users **

Security Enhancements/ IT Compliance

  • System Platform 2017 Update 3 includes various measures to strengthen security, including secure, encrypted communications between nodes by leveraging TLS 1.2
  • Eliminating the need for ArchestrA user to be ADMIN on the machine
  • Single sign on (SSO) logon to InTouch OMI and Apps using users’ Windows OS credentials, eliminating the need for users to re-enter their credentials repeatedly
  • Automatic log-off of users after a configured period of inactivity is supported **
  • Improved read-only access to InTouch OMI displays further safe-guards against un-wanted system changes or tampering by undesignated personnel or users. If set as read-only, a OMI display can only be changed to read/write from IDE **

Expanded Connectivity

  • The MQTT plug-in in the Gateway Communication Driver has been enhanced to support store and forward functionality increasing data reliability and integrity. In cases of intermittent connection to a remote MQTT broker, the data will be cached and automatically forwarded once the connection is reestablished.


What’s new in InTouch 2017 Update 3?

Engineering Efficiency

  • Publish InTouch HMI data to the AVEVA cloud via built-in Insight Publisher. This conveniently extends the reach of plant data to management and business through dashboards and web reports.

User Experience & Usability

InTouch Web Client enhancements include:

  • New HTML5 compatible trend client that displays InTouch trends on browsers
  • New HTML5 compatible alarm client that display InTouch EAC on browsers
  • Share Graphic capability: A Share button in the Web Client provides a HTML5 code snippet to embed a selected symbol in an iFrame. This will allow embedding ArchestrA graphics into web-pages, portals, 3rd party applications
  • Numerical Formatting: Decimal points and other advanced formatting styles are now correctly displayed
  • Alarm Border: The Alarm Border animation for shelving and un-shelving alarms is displayed as expected on the web client
  • Connector and connection points: All connector and connection point are supported
  • HTTPS support: The Web Client can now be launched using the secure communication protocol
  • Data Display Refresh Rate: You can now use the Configurator to configure the data Refresh rate for the Web Client
  • Search the navigation tree model is supported
  • New Animations provide richer user experience for Operators:
    • Hyperlink Animation for ArchestrA Graphics. A new animation that allows users to launch a browser with a configurable URL
    • Touch Support for Native Push Button Animation. The Push down animation in InTouch HMI standalone applications now support the touch gestures for touch enabled devices
  • Trend Pen Enhancements:
    • Fill Color Support for Area under the Trend Pen Curve
    • Historical back fill from classic history (LGH) or the Wonderware Historian

Security Enhancements/ IT Compliance

  • New secure SuiteLink connection, enabled with TLS 1.2 protocol, encrypts the communication channel between InTouch nodes

What’s new in Historian 2017 Update 3?

  • Engineering Efficiency
    • Improved dashboard configuration for layout and sizing
  • User Experience & Usability
    • New Excel add-in support for Office 365 & Excel 2016 (64 and 32 bit)
    • SliceBy (state, event or batch) parameter allows you to retrieve data based on another tag time slices. For example, you could retrieve a tank’s temperature average based on batch durations
  • Security Enhancements/ IT Compliance
    • Secure communications support (TLS 1.2)
    • Supports Azure Active Directory when used with online AVEVA Insight


2017 Update 3 software is now available as an ISO image or ZIP download from the Global Customer Support website (GCS/WDN)


All customers owning 2017 version licenses are entitled to this Update 3 release. No new licensing is required.

As part of overall licensing improvements, Sentinel System Monitor is now automatically installed on every System Platform node which will provide basic License Server monitoring at no additional cost or licensing. Each node contains a Sentinel Agent that constantly monitors the License Server to ensure that it is accessible. In the event that a node is unable to communicate with the License Server, The Sentinel Manager can be configured to email a warning so you can quickly fix any issues and ensure that operations are not interrupted. Sentinel’s full capability of system diagnostic monitoring and alerting of the application project and infrastructure can be added on by purchasing a Sentinel subscription.