Wonderware System Platform 2017 Update 2

Key Themes for System Platform 2017 Update 2

  • Increase Engineering Efficiency & Rapid Iterative Development Testing. Live Preview OMI displays changes prior to deploy and InTouch web client
  • Increase Operator usability & user experience with InTouch Access Anywhere with multi-touch/gesture capability with OMI; InTouch Web Client supports pan & zoom
  • Expand beyond Operators with low cost read-only unlimited access with InTouch Web Client. Offered in both perpetual and subscription

What’s new in System Platform 2017 Update 2?

The Update 2 release offers immense benefits to empower all our users with plant-floor visibility anytime, anywhere leveraging InTouch Web Client. InTouch Web Client offers a low cost, unlimited web-based publishing of ArchestrA graphics without any re-engineering! This powerful new capability can be used with stand-alone InTouch HMI, InTouch for System Platform and OMI installations.

System Platform 2017 Update 2 new features and capabilities include the following:

Engineering Efficiency

  • OMI supports immediate runtime preview of ViewApp edits, eliminating the need to deploy changes to the galaxy facilitating quick iterative development
  • Building interconnected interactions between Apps is now much easier with the global ViewApp namespace. Every App can have its own namespace (tags) that then can be shared among with all other ViewApps
  • Auto Complete for Viewapp Attributes in the layout editor and graphical toolbox
  • ‘Show Content’ API is able to quickly display any graphic on any pane or screen

User Experience & Usability

  • Users can provide alias to an asset or object providing an intuitive runtime UI model enabling easier navigation for Operators
  • Users can drag and drop navigation items to different locations within the navigation hierarchy providing a more natural navigation experience using OMI

IT Compliance

  • Ability to run Integrated Development Environment (IDE) no longer requires Admin privileges

Expanded Connectivity

  • SIDirect Device Integration Server supports Auto Build capability for Siemens S7- 1200 and 1500 PLCs
  • OPC UA performance improvement and simplified security configuration

What’s new in InTouch 2017 Update 2?

Engineering Efficiency

  • Select InTouch QuickScript functions are available for ArchestrA Graphics .NET scripting.
    This will help older InTouch applications to move to ArchestrA Graphics
  • Enhanced workflow for InTouch Web Client publishing enabling rapid iterative development & testing

User Experience & Usability

  • InTouch Web Client supports comprehensive set of ArchestrA Graphics
  • InTouch Web Client improved look and feel in full screen browser mode
  • InTouch Web Client Improved display rendering performance
  • InTouch Web Client supports all major browsers (IE, Edge, Chrome, Safari)
  • InTouch Web Client supports mobile devices (iOS and Android OS)
  • InTouch Web Client supports pan & zoom across all major browsers

IT Compliance & Reliability

  • Alarm DB Logger and related utilities support OS authentication in addition to SQL authentication
  • Managed Applications do not require Admin privileges
  • WindowViewer OS Shutdown Event Handling enables activated license release when detecting the OS is ending a remote desktop session

What’s new in Historian 2017 Update 2?

User Experience & Usability

  • Richer search using hierarchical tag names
  • Increase user collaboration via comments (aka Annotations)
  • Alarm & Events in context with alarm overlays in trend (only for block-based alarm history)

IT Compliance

  • Secure REST-based access on Historian Client (replace SQL XML)
  • Supports eDNA via REST (HTTP/HTTPS) connections



2017 Update 2 software is now available as an ISO image or ZIP download from the Global Customer Support website (GCS/WDN) / Product Hub.


All customers owning 2017 version licenses are entitled to this Update 2 release. No new licensing is required.