Wonderware SmartGlance: March 2018 update

What’s new in SmartGlance powered by Wonderware

I’m pleased to announce that the latest version of the SmartGlance mobile app is now available for both Android and iOS.

This release delivers some handy improvements that make accessing your data on-the-go quicker than ever before – particularly when it comes to responding to alerts. We’ve also introduced stair-step interpolation so that you can get a more accurate picture of what’s really happening in your process.

What’s new for March 2018?

  • Stair-step interpolation
  • Smoother workflow around alerts
  • Further performance improvements


Stair-step interpolation

We’ve had stair-step interpolation for a while now in our Insight cloud platform but with this latest release, you will now be able to see these charts in SmartGlance.

Stair-step interpolation gives you a more accurate representation of what is actually happening in your process when viewing numeric values in a line chart. Stair-step allows you to see how quickly your system is responding to your changes. This can be particularly helpful when working with P&ID loops and equipment that has a ramp-up or -down time.


Smoother workflows around alerts

One of the things operators love about SmartGlance is the peace-of-mind, knowing that no matter where they, or what they are doing, they can always access KPIs, metrics, trends and alerts: safely and securely.

So with this in mind we are always looking for new ways to make it even easier to get to important information as quickly as possible. The March 2018 release introduces a smoother workflow around alerts. Now when you receive an alert on your mobile phone, simply tap the alert and the system will automatically display a chart for that tag.

Taking the same example as above, I’ve set an alert to notify me when the set point exceeds 25mm. By tapping the active alert, I am now taken directly to the set point tag. This allows me to immediately determine that set point is now sitting at 50mm and has been for some time.

While this is a very simple example, imagine how powerful it is in the field to have that ability to drill directly into the relevant information on-the-fly. Better, more accurate information more quickly, means better, more accurate decisions more quickly!

Performance improvements

Last but not least, we have also made some changes that will deliver increased performance. For the more observant of you this will be most obvious as the removal of the GridView. This was done for a number of reasons – one being performance, and the other is it provides us with greater flexibility to introduce new analysis options (e.g. stair-step).

But don’t worry, you can still access all of the same information you did from GridView directly in your chart view. As you use your finger to scroll backwards and forwards in your data you will see the grey scooter bar come up. This will show you the date and time of your data, and to get super-accurate just zoom in further.

Of course, if you just wanted a really quick summary of your data just switch to QuickView for a table showing your selected tags, last recorded value and a trend line.

So why not try it for yourself. Sign up for your free 45-day trial of Insight powered by Wonderware Online today – it includes the SmartGlance mobile experience! Start your digital transformation today:


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