Wonderware SmartGlance: January 2018 update

What’s new for January 2018?

  • Smarter starting place – making more use of saved content
  • Visualization of tag zones
  • Performance improvements

Smarter starting place – making more use of saved content

For a while now we’ve been evolving SmartGlance along a path of becoming “the mobile companion to InSight”, and this update sees our next step in that process.

Specifically, now when you view your InSight content in SmartGlance the app will bypass the QuickView screen and take you directly to the relevant Chart.  With the appropriate tags automatically selected for display – up to a maximum of 6.  We’re making more use of the settings in your content, which makes sense… otherwise why bother having those settings in the first place?

Don’t sweat it though – if you need to momentarily change which tags are shown on the chart, the QuickView is still here to help you out.  We’re also intending to bring more of the InSight chart-types through to SmartGlance – the two will really become “better together”.

Visualization of tag zones

Ever wanted to see the target range for a tag … perhaps the high and low limits? Well now within the Wonderware Online Tag Dictionary an Administrator can now set a zone per-tag that will be shown on screen in SmartGlance.  The zone will be shown to any user who views the tag, making it to easily see values that fall within (or outside of) the defined zone. Stay tuned for a future update where we’ll allow for Alerts to be raised based on the zone.

Performance improvements

The core Wonderware Online InSight update delivered a performance boost to the back-end; and we’re pleased to say that we’ve also managed to eke out some further improvements with the mobile experience. We feel the difference is noticeable – some of our test scenarios have shown up to 70% reduction in load and refresh times.

So why not try it for yourself. Start your 45-day free trial of Insight powered by Wonderware Online including the SmartGlance mobile experience today: