Wonderware Online InSight: Libelium and IIoT

Quicker time to value with IIoT and Libelium

While I usually blog about new updates and functionality enhancements to our Insight cloud platform, I thought I would highlight some exciting things from one of our IIoT partners.

This week Libelium announced that their IoT Gateway Meshlium now has native connectivity to Insight powered by Wonderware Online; but what does this really mean for Insight users?

  • More connectivity options – sensors, smart devices
  • Almost zero engineering time
  • Better understanding of your industrial processes


More connectivity options – sensors, smart devices

The new native connectivity between the Meshlium gateway and Insight makes it incredibly easy to add cost-effective instrumentation to your processes – and gain the benefits of having that data consolidated with other industrial sources such as your HMI, SCADA, or Historians.

Layering all of your data sources together brings context to your process data, in real-time, so that you can better understand what has happened, what is happening and what is likely to happen.

IoT sensors can augment existing instrumentation and effectively shine a light on equipment ‘black holes’ e.g. raw material stockpiles. Not only are the new range of IIoT sensors more cost-effective but they can also overcome traditional challenges such as connectivity, ruggedization and reliable power supply

With up to 4 different radio interfaces; GPS, WiFi and/or Bluetooth modules; and a weatherproof aluminium IP65 enclosure, the Meshlium gateway can also store data locally if connectivity fails. This makes it a great solution for measuring and monitoring scenarios that were previously too expensive or difficult. Users are already using Meshlium gateways to solve various scenarios such as smart parking, air and noise pollution, irrigation control, vineyard monitoring and more.

Almost zero engineering time

The new native connectivity allows the Meshlium device to publish directly to Insight, with little to no configuration and quicker time to value.

Users simply select Insight as the destination as part of the Meshlium Cloud Connector set-up. This allows the IoT gateway to run data synchronization from its internal database to the cloud, and securely publish data to Insight.

You can now connect, collect, visualize and analyze IoT data in the cloud – desktop, tablet, mobile or wearables – in five minutes or less. A considerable time-savings compared to traditional approaches!

Better understanding of industrial processes

“Libelium and AVEVA are marrying the cost-effectiveness of IoT connectivity with the robust, secure and domain specific operational technologies of the industrial world”, states Alicia Asín, CEO at Libelium.

Insight has been built with industrial applications in mind. This means that it naturally copes with the demands of real-time data, late-arriving information, and the velocity of change; all with the high-fidelity you need to manage your critical operations.

The integration from Libelium means that the Insight publisher is now available to anyone using the Meshlium IoT Gateway device and associated sensors. Customers can truly to access their data anywhere, anytime and on any device resulting in better, faster data-driven decisions.

And because your industrial data demands a more stringent cybersecurity posture than other domains, all of our cloud services are governed by our Safe, Secure and Reliable philosophy. Giving you peace of mind that wherever you host your data it is protected – at rest and in motion.

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