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Wonderware Online Insight: May 2018 Update

For regular followers of this blog you will already be familiar with our frequent release cadence, but for those new to the Insight cloud platform you will be happy to discover that we aim to have updates hitting your screens every 6-8 weeks. And this month we have a second release in as many days!

Today I am excited to let you know that we have introduced some new visualization options for quicker, easier navigation to your different sites; and faster, better decisions about tag performance once you are there. Making your life easier, and giving you the peace-of-mind that only true anywhere, anytime visibility of plant performance can provide.

Geolocations and maps

We know that being able plot data or KPIs on a map can be particularly useful – especially for distributed sites – and now, that’s exactly what Insight will let you do!

Once the geolocation coordinates are attached to your tag metadata, Insight will automatically plot your data in the correct location on a map. The high-level view provides a quick visualization of how your operations are performing. Clicking on the overlays allows you to drill-down into the tag details for a more accurate picture.

Of course you can pan and zoom the map, and toggle tags on and off just like you would expect. Don’t forget to save your favorite view so you, and your team, can easily access it from the content menu.

Administrators, for details on how to add geolocations to your tag metadata please visit the help file or contact us at


Zones for line charts

Earlier in the year we introduced zones for line charts in SmartGlance, well now that functionality is also available in Insight so you can see these same zones on your desktop and tablet when viewing via the browser client.

Once an Administrator has set the tag zones in your tag metadata, your preferred target range – say high or low limits – will automatically show on your charts. This target zone will be shown to any user who views the tag, so everyone can easily see values that fall within (or outside of) the defined zone.


Performance Improvements

As with all updates we have been busy behind the scenes to make Insight faster and more robust wherever possible. This round has included some changes to the way we handle content delivery (CDN) which should lead to speed improvements across the board, and reliability improvements when accessing from China.


These new features have already been deployed to your Insight: powered by Wonderware Onlineplatform so start taking advantage of them today.

We’d love to hear how you get on. Leave a reply here or email us at


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