Wonderware Online InSight: December 2017 update

What’s new in December 2017?

  • Edit or remove chart comments
  • White-labelling for enabled tenants
  • SmartGlance release for Android
  • Under the hood enhancements

Oh, and stay tuned for more details on our new InSight Performance functionality. With Equipment Efficiency and OEE Analysis it’s sure to provide new insight into your operational performance!

Update and delete chart comments

Last month we introduced the ability to add comments to charts, well now you can also update or even remove comments. Simply click on the comment you wish to change, click on the “more options” dots in the top right hand corner and choose to Edit or Delete.

By adding new or additional information to your comments you can add more context as you learn more about a specific event, or direct people to a particular site, or you can simply update a typo.

Once saved your updated comment will be available in InSight and SmartGlance so you can always refer back to it as needed.

If you want to remove a comment, follow the same steps as above but click Delete from the “more options” menu. You will be asked to confirm you are sure you want to delete the comment, hit “OK” and your comment will be removed permanently from both InSight and SmartGlance.


White-labelling for enabled tenants

For OEMs and solution builders we now offer self-service white-labelling so that you can customize the header bar color and company logos within your InSight solution. This is a fantastic way to boost the strength of your brand and increase end-customer loyalty as you can see in the example below.

By leveraging our expertise in your solutions you can focus on what you do best and leave the industrial automation “heavy lifting” to us. As Ron McFetridge, Director at WaterForce says: “By leveraging our relationship with Schneider Electric, we can focus on our core business – effective water management – knowing that the information management, analytics and automation side is covered.”  Learn more about the WaterForce success story.

If you would like to take advantage of this new, premium feature please contact us at


SmartGlance update for Android

We’ve also updated SmartGlance for Android so that your charts will display as per your InSight configuration. So if your tag is blue in InSight then it will also be blue in SmartGlance. This makes it much easier to identify tags and understand your data. And if you create a really useful chart in InSight, it will automatically populate through into your SmartGlance app so you can quickly get to the information you want… anytime, anywhere.

And for those of you who are using the Mobile Reporting Connector (MRC) ‘classic’ solution you will find your MRC data will now show up in a separate solution. To switch solutions, just click on ‘Settings’, navigate down to ‘Switch Solution’ and you can pick your preferred dataset from the list. SmartGlance will then display the new dataset and you can continue to look at trends, charts and alerts as usual… simple.


Under the hood

The December release also includes a number of under the hood enhancements in preparation for an exciting 2018, packed with new features and releases.

For instance, if you head to from outside of North America you will now be given the option to sign up to our EU data center or continue with the US version – this is great if you’re located outside of the US and data sovereignty and jurisdiction is important to you. Plus, it paves the way for more data center options in the very near future… stay tuned for an announcement in January!

So if you’re thinking IIoT, Cloud or Mobile, why not start today? Turn your industrial data into insights today, start your free trial at I’d love to hear how you get on, and as always if you have any feedback or suggestions for future updates why not contact the team at

Happy Holidays! Stay safe and I look forward to sharing more insights with you soon.