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When it comes to making high-level decisions in any given manufacturing organization, transparency in the plant and workforce is probably the most important. For years this meant manual investigations and meeting after meeting with floor managers, trying to determine what steps need to be taken to ensure all aspects of the plant are running relatively smooth.

Let’s take your enterprise – From the operator to the decision-makers, and label you all the Connected work. Imagine a model where your Connected workers collaborate productively and effectively, where your business decisions become a standard of predictive instead of reactive. Industrial automation technology offers companies new opportunities to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and cut costs.


In our webinar Series - Enabling the connected worker to leverage industrial technology of the future enterprise, you can join our Industry experts in a conversation in concept to bring the connected worker to life in your organization.

This 5 part series will dive into the following :


How we connect the worker
This first part will give you a broad overview of the extensive AVEVA portfolio, breaking it down into 3 parts, engineer, operate, and perform.  Giving you a general concept of how the AVEVA tools can Connect your business.  

How the connected worker operates at the edge
Looking at how the connected worker operates at the edge, our experts will discuss how you can get all your data into context using products like AVEVA Edge, AVEVA System Platform, Model-driven MES, AVEVA Insight, and Manufacturing analytics. Collecting and analyzing all the different data from your multiple sources and systems will ensure accurate KPI’s for your decision-makers.

How the connected worker manages your plant assets
By digitizing your work process your connected workers can close the divide between assets and operation, allowing them to prioritize, plan, schedule, and execute safe and compliant work. In this webinar, we will discuss how AVEVA’s integrated APM solutions will enable your connected worker to manage your assets and cut maintenance costs.

How the connected worker manages data
All your data means nothing if you can't analyze it. Transforming your real-time data and putting it into context allows your connected worker to bring insight into your business. This is where you will find the necessary information to improve your operations. We will talk about how you can take your data and put it to good use using solutions like AVEVA System Platform, Manufacturing Analytics, AVEVA Insight, and AVEVA Historian

How the connected worker improves on plant performance
Increased plant performance is one of the things high on the priority list. With digital transformation of manufacturing operations, the connected worker can improve productivity and effectiveness because of the transparency of information. We will discuss how the connected worker can leverage solutions like AVEVA System Platform, Recipe Manager, Workflow management, Model-Driven MES, OEE with Aveva Edge to make informed decisions.

Through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), vast amounts of data relevant to all levels of a business are becoming available in real-time. Yet, without a holistic data strategy and tools to quickly unify, organize, and contextualize such volumes of data, it is challenging to extract relevant insights and important opportunities might be missed.

Learn more about unifying your data and tools and making them accessible to the entire data set, giving you the insights you need to sharpen your data strategy and empower your teams.

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