Unlimited Web Client Licensing has come to InTouch HMI

Live Preview provides ability to immediately see design changes to the user interface enabling rapid iterative development. Plants will always be in a state of flux, as components fail and are replaced. The continuous drive for improvement will also require visualization changes to be made. Making these changes should be as simple and intuitive as possible. Iterative design is key for achieving optimal user interface experience.

Remote Operators can now take advantage of multi-touch & gestures with System Platform’s native visualization, Operations Management Interface OMI, by leveraging InTouch Access Anywhere on any HTML5 compliant browser. Moreover, InTouch Web Client is now compatible with mobile devices, enabling users to always stay in touch.

Unfortunately, many companies have to weigh project costs impact of user client licensing. Project costs should not be primarily dictated by the number of users that consume the data. Enterprise-wide access to information should be a right, not a privilege restricted to a few.

The 2017 Update 2 expands the reach of information to any InTouch and System Platform user on any device with unlimited client licensing option.  This goes beyond empowering traditional Operators to include supervisors, managers and other functional users including mobile, remote or casual users.

This read-only access to ArchestrA graphics offers a cost efficient option for all users that simply need production or process status monitoring, KPI access and operational dashboards.

How is this relevant to existing InTouch and System Platform users:

  • For System Platform customers with even 1 Supervisory Client can add unlimited InTouch Web license for one low flat price, giving read-only access to the entire galaxy for all plant personnel.
  • For InTouch HMI users, adding unlimited license to the Tag Server node, will do the same.

In 2017 Update 2, One web session license comes FREE with InTouch or System Platform users.


Application Use Cases for InTouch Web Client:

  • Casual or mobile users
  • Supervisory / Management visualization
  • Access to dashboards/KPI visualization
  • TVs / wall mounted monitors around plant facility
  • Embedding of HMI Graphics in Portals

But by far the most interesting fact that may not be well known is the flexible unlimited client licensing models available in the 2017 release. Now, small to med size companies that have tight budget constraints have means to drive down initial investments by leveraging the Subscription Access Program. This subscription program offers both unlimited read-only clients and unlimited FULL CONTROL client licensing options.


  • For high level overview of the System Platform 2017, review the presentation below: