Release of Recipe Management 2017 Update 2

The automation system neutral software enables standardization and central management of product formulations for use in multiple production locations and is designed for operational team collaboration to adopt new recipes or recipe changes faster on the shop floor.

The software offers a rich, ready to use web- based user interface for recipe management and execution with strong governance functionality, including configurable role-based security, automatic item versioning, approvals, electronic signatures and an electronic change and execution history. OPC UA and integration with System Platform is offered to integrate with most production equipment control systems. Additionally a connector for Vijeo Citect is available.

The software offers two solution choices for either formula management and download, or for recipe management and execution:

– Formula Management and Download, enables fast and consistent equipment set up – the key to flexibility for many CPG or Food and Beverages manufacturing processes.

– Recipe Management and Execution, provides automation and repeatability of recipe execution on production units, work cells or production lines for batch oriented and hybrid processes.

What value does it bring to our customers?

The software helps process engineers and recipe administrators, as well as plant operators, efficiently manage more product variations and execute product changeover processes securely and quickly for more recipe flexibility while maintaining production output performance.

Automation of Recipe execution and consistent download of formula parameter values enforces repeatable product quality to recipe specification. Role-based security, automatic item versioning, approvals for production use, and electronic history records provide governance to secure consistency of quality and processes and lowers cost of regulatory compliance, including functionality facilitating for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 or cGMP compliant implementations.

The control system neutral recipe management allows for standardization of recipe management in automated manufacturing operations across often heterogeneous automation system landscapes.

The software manages formulas and procedures independent, which allows to central manage product formulations for use in multiple production locations. Such standardization of recipe management across equipment, multiple lines or even plants, helps to speed up the new product introduction process and to achieve faster time to market benefits.

Differentiators of Recipe Management

Key differentiators vs. HMI/SCADA and custom formula and recipe management systems are:

  • HMI and control system-independent
  • Scalable for formula/ recipe management including complex procedure modeling and execution
  • A secure web-based client server system with central data management
  • Full ready-to-use user interface functionality.
  • Role-based security, automatic versioning, approval, execution and change history records
  • Functionality for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 or cGMP compliant implementations