Introducing Insight Performance

This is exciting for a number of reasons. Not only is this our first manufacturing operations or MES-like functionality in the cloud, but it also removes the IT footprint typically attached to deploying MES/MOM applications on-premise. Instead you can take advantage of your existing automation infrastructure to start your equipment utilization journey today.

With Insight Performance operators can report equipment events using the equipment dashboard view in a browser from anywhere, anytime and on any smart device. Or set your control systems to automatically publish downtime events so that your equipment downtime and efficiency KPI data become a live, decision-support feed that is available securely across your enterprise.

Quickly and easily identify the low-hanging fruit, and start improving your operational performance now. It is that simple.

What do you get with the first release?

  • Equipment Efficiency Monitoring
  • Equipment Availability Reporting
  • Configuration of your Equipment Model

Equipment Efficiency Monitoring

The ready-to-use equipment efficiency dashboard provides operators and other interested parties with the current and most recent utilization information for a machine or piece of plant equipment.

Through the equipment efficiency view, operators or authorized persons are also able to edit, or further clarify the root-cause of a downtime event. The ability to merge events or split an event into two or more individual events improves the accuracy and reporting of the events impacting equipment utilization.

Providing operators with real-time information on downtime and KPIs at a glance helps them to quickly identify and address the main causes of inefficiency. This increased visibility helps drive improved plant performance and reliability.

Equipment Availability and Utilization History Reporting

Insight Performance also allows equipment availability and utilization history information to be viewed using intuitive charts and reports.

By clicking on equipment in the availability charts you will see the top 5 events in duration and number of events, and can drill into the list of all downtime, idle and running state change events.

Users can select whether to see some, or all pieces of equipment of a line, a plant, or across multiple plants on the one chart. This makes it easy to see how the utilization of connected equipment has been – or to compare the availability of the same equipment across different lines or plants. This allows you to quickly benchmark your assets, and identify those that need improvements.

Configuration of the Equipment Model

The Insight Performance configuration is an integrated part of the web user interface. A user with administration rights can quickly set up and manage the components of the Equipment model. Configuration information is uploaded using CSV files direct from the web user interface to the system.

The 3 core elements of the model are “equipment” to be tracked, the different “equipment states” expected to occur and “utilization reasons” describing an specific event changing the equipment state. For OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and Availability KPI analysis purposes, equipment state statistics are aggregated into three predefined state types: Runtime, Downtime, and Idle.


Stay tuned for Insight Performance enhancements coming soon with production data collection and the full OEE KPI calculation functionality. And with additional configurable connectivity to shop floor applications and control systems for automatic performance data collection all on the roadmap there’s lots more to come in 2018!

So if you’re thinking IIoT, Cloud or Mobile, why not start today? Turn your industrial data into insights today, start your free trial at I’d love to hear how you get on, and as always if you have any feedback or suggestions for future updates why not contact the team at

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