Insight Performance OEE Enhancements

While Insight Performance has been able to track and calculate equipment utilization and availability since its launch, now with the introduction of Performance and Quality KPIs we have all the elements required to calculate OEE in the cloud:

Availability(%) x Performance(%) x Quality(%) = OEE(%)

This calculation helps operators understand system performance in real-time, along with the impact of unplanned downtime, quality losses or equipment not running at optimal speed. Additional insights into the main reasons impacting OEE empowers operators to deliver and maintain predictable plant performance. The Insight platform also keeps a complete history of OEE, Availability, Performance and Quality KPIs which becomes an extremely powerful contributor to continuous improvement initiatives.

What do you get with the new OEE enhancements?

  • OEE KPI monitoring and Production Events Dashboard
  • OEE, Availability, Performance and Quality KPI Analysis
OEE KPI Monitoring and Production Events Dashboard

Monitor your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Availability, Performance and Quality along with the status of the current production run in the ready-to-use equipment dashboard.

The active production run is visualized with an ideal production rate marker, providing a clear indication how actual production results match or deviate from plan.

On starting a new production run, the operator is able to provide basic information such as target quantity, planned production run duration, and equipment target rate as metrics for displaying actual equipment performance vs. planned.

Good and reject production counts for the active run are displayed in Pareto charts based on production reason. The data can be edited or reclassified by the operator if required.

Production progress can be recorded automatically from the control system, or manually using the ‘Good Production’ and ‘Waste Production’ buttons from the dashboard.

EE, Availability, Performance and Quality KPI Analysis

Insight Performance also allows users to view KPI history information using intuitive charts and reports.

Users can select whether to see some or all pieces of equipment on a line, a plant, or across multiple plants all on one chart. This allows you to quickly benchmark your assets, and identify those that need improvements.

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