How AVEVA transform opportunity into business value

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The Origins of AVEVA started in 1967, with a mission to develop computer-aided design techniques.

With a proven track record of over 50 years of innovations and more than 16 000 customers, AVEVA remains true to its founding principles.

  • Leading in research
  • Pioneering new thinking
  • Solving the world’s most complex engineering challenges

The AVEVA foundation stemmed from a combined initiative of the UK Government and the University of Cambridge, with a mission to improve how technologies can empower industries to innovate and achieve greater benefits for the people and communities they serve.

Credit: AVEVA Solutions, AVEVA 50 Years of Innovation history book

Credit: AVEVA Solutions, AVEVA 50 Years of Innovation history book

AVEVA Global Cutomers

AVEVA Global custormers




Today, AVEVA offers a full industrial Software solution portfolio of leading-edge innovation, including IIoT, Cloud, industrial AI, Digital Twin, predictive and prescriptive analytics, big data, and mixed, virtual, and extended reality.

They continue to evolve the business with global customers like Nestle, Total, BASF, Exxaro, Hyundai, and empowering people to seize the possibilities, using world-beating industrial software.

The Extensive Portfolio

To simplify the extensive portfolio we can divide it into 3 parts: Engineer, Operate and Perform.




Allows your organization to lower your costs, time, and risk during project engineering and execution. Giving your implementors the power to deliver capital projects to your operation efficiently, on-time, and on-budget.



Enable your organization to make precise decisions by leveraging on data-driven insight and making your operations more efficient and profitable


Improve and increase the performance of your assists while ensuring a reliable and safe environment for your workforce. Optimizing your supply chain, production, and asset performance.

Looking at engineer, operate, and perform collectively, you find they connect to a full solution allowing you to create a true digital twin. Giving you full insight into your enterprise.

AVEVA’s success is rooted in the understanding of the day-to-day realities and challenges the customers face in diverse sectors. From water and energy to food and infrastructure, the AVEVA solutions transform opportunity into business value by helping to meet industrial teams’ evolving needs.

Together, Wonderware Benelux, Wonderware Scandinavia, AVEVA, and our Partners harness an ecosystem, delivering solutions and expertise to empower people and industries to thrive.

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