Empowering people and teams with access to relevant Ampla MES information anywhere, anytime

Empowering people and teams with access to relevant Ampla MES information anywhere, anytime

With its 2018 release, the Ampla manufacturing execution system becomes the latest in a growing family of applications to publish data directly to the Insight cloud platform.

Ampla digital Mining, Minerals and Metals Operations Management offers a transformative approach to operational excellence by optimizing the entire supply chain and maximizing the utilization of all operating assets.

Insight powered by Wonderware Online provides users with a flexible industrial information management cloud solution that can be accessed anywhere, any time and on any device.

By publishing Ampla KPI, Downtime and Metrics data to the cloud, operational teams have valuable production data directly at their fingertips. Powerful visualization and team collaboration tools help operators make better decisions on the fly.

The combination of Ampla and Insight gives mining companies the real-time, actionable information necessary to improve efficiency, reduce losses, and enhance asset performance.

Monitoring Mining, Minerals and Metals Operations information in a Web Browser

When connected to Insight, Ampla delivers production, downtime, energy or asset performance metrics to authorized personnel or 3rd party users via web or mobile. The information is presented as easy-to-digest power analysis and intelligent dashboarding tools that help operators do their jobs more effectively.

Best of all, you don’t need to be an engineer with decades of experience to be able to use the system. Insight translates metrics and KPI data into charts and dashboards for a complete picture of your business performance. An intuitive interface, natural language search, newsfeed and alerts means that everyone can make smarter, faster business decisions.


Ampla KPIs go Mobile with Insight

Leveraging the Insight platform also delivers greater workforce empowerment and allows users to take advantage of the SmartGlance mobile app. With Ampla MES/MOM data published to Insight, your data is ready for viewing on any smart device – desktop, tablet, mobile phones and even wearables!

With real-time access to Ampla KPIs, process and operational data, users are better equipped to review and analyze information in the field. Mobile accessibility facilitates cross-team collaboration, helping to breakdown silos and improve performance across your entire operation.

Finally, the ability to configure personalized alerts provides operators with peace of mind, as they know they will be notified if metrics fall outside of defined parameters.

Insight powered by Wonderware Online offers a broad range of connectivity to many industrial applications and technologies – HMI/SCADA, historians, IoT devices and more. Its cost-effective software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription model provides fast time to value without the cost and effort of establishing and maintaining additional IT infrastructure.

Data protection and security is a core tenant of the platform’s success. Built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, and utilizing our proprietary security services, your data is protected in motion and at rest. Read more at

So if you’re thinking IIoT, or Cloud, why not start today? Turn your Ampla MES data into powerful insights and enable team collaboration today.

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