Business Value with Data-Driven Analysis

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Wonderware Scandinavia and Benelux collaborates with Crosser to simplify industrial IoT projects by harmonizing and transforming large amounts of data from different data sources into a common format for deeper analysis.

The industry is digitizing towards increased sustainability, efficiency, and competitiveness in a global market, and this affects companies' organization and processes. Industries can already today analyse and act in real time on parts of their data - but not all data.

Studies show that the industry only acts on about 32% of its process data, in other words there is a lot of room for future innovation, but at the same time the industry lacks resources and means to accelerate its digital projects.

The development company Välinge Innovation AB, owner, and innovator of, among other things, the technology for glueless click flooring, early realized the importance of a simple and flexible innovation process during its digitalisation journey. Jimmy Olofsson, IT-manager at Välinge Innovations AB, explains:

- “The innovation lies in our culture. It is an attitude as well as a way of working. We want to be able to try ideas and solutions on a smaller scale, quickly and easily, and if the outcome is as we intended, scale them up to our entire business.”

Wonderware Scandinavia, follows Välinge on their digitalisation journey. Peter Karlsson, General Manager at Wonderware Scandinavia says:

- “Our role is to provide systems and support for all types of industries. Välinge is a good example of how innovative companies are looking for new ways to streamline and optimize their business with the help of data”.

Välinges request for Wonderware Scandinavia was to help with a solution that meets the need to retrieve, harmonize and convert data, test on a small scale and then quickly scale up.

The choice of platform was the Swedish Crosser and their Edge Analytics Platform for Industrial IoT. Crosser contributes with its Low-Code studio, cloud-based deployment environment and locally installed Edge Node to the AVEVA the portfolio.

Mikael Samuelsson, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances at Crosser, explains:

- “We are very proud of the collaboration with Wonderware. They are a modern and active industrial partner, and together we can help Välinge to simplify their digital innovation work. The synergy between AVEVA's broad portfolio, their long experience and Crosser's unique edge platform gives the industry new opportunities to accelerate its digital transformation. Together with Wonderware, we create a strong platform for innovative companies and organizations to explore larger parts of their data, in a faster and easier way”.

About Crosser Technologies
Crosser is a Swedish software company with installations in over 20 different countries. We design and develop a Low-Code software platform for Streaming Analytics, Automation and Integration for any Edge, On-premise or Cloud. Our aim is to remove complexity, simplify development and to enable non-programmers to innovate faster with a dramatically lower total cost of ownership. Our vision is that there are enormous business opportunities for companies When Machines Talk(™).

The software is ideally suited for Enterprise customers of various Industrial verticals such as Process Industry, Manufacturing, Utilities and other asset rich verticals. The modular and flexible solutions enable many different applications, including Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT and next generation Hybrid Integration, also called Hyper Automation by Gartner.
Industrial customers include, SCA AB, Valmet Corporation, Novo Nordisk, Gebhardt, Clarebout Potatoes and RubbleMaster.

Crosser was included in the “Cool Vendors in IoT Edge Computing, 2018” report by Gartner, Inc. and was named among the Top 10 Smart Factory Solutions in Europe 2020 by the industry magazine Manufacturing Technology Insights.

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