Batch Management 2017 (formerly Wonderware InBatch)

Batch Management 2017 

Below is the list of functionalities, enhancements and changes included in the release:

  • New Batch Management Web User Interface for Supervisors – providing a read-only view into the batch and recipe execution status.
  • A new Batch Auto-Start Option – Support for automatically starting initialized batches after finishing a Batch and required equipment becoming available etc.
  • Stateless API enhancements – Support has been added for new Batch Management APIs for Batch, BatchSecurity, Model, Recipe, and Schedule classes.
  • Enhanced Data Historization – for storing HighDeviationValue, LowDeviationValue, HighLimitValue, and LowLimitValue for Process Variables and Material Input
  • Adoption of the activated Licensing framework – increasing the flexibility for our customers with concurrent client access licensing (also for the client licenses included with a Batch Server) and simplifying client licensing to 1 runtime and 1 development client part and license each.
  • Discontinued Bundling of OEM Microsoft SQL Server licenses – in line with the rest of our Portfolio and on Microsoft request.
  • What is the product/service/solution?

AVEVA Batch management is control system independent batch management software that can be used for the most complex batching processes that require a high level of flexibility. Consistent with the ISA-88 standard on batch control, it offers deep batch management capabilities including recipe management, batch execution management, material genealogy, electronic batch records, stringent security, web-based reporting and the ability to facilitate the design and implementation of systems that are compliant with Life Science industry regulations.

Batch Management software offers a flexible Server – Client software architecture with high availability options for the server functionality.

The Batch Server hosts a process model, material and recipe information, coordinates batch execution, and facilitates operator interaction by either being directly connected to a control system or via System Platform integration. Users interact with the batch server for recipe development or batch operations and monitoring through client applications, a web based user interface and controls that can be easily integrated into Wonderware InTouch HMI process graphic displays.

Support for critical batch applications is provided through reliable batch execution documentation with store forward buffering in case of history database unavailability and Batch Server warm restart capabilities for restoring a previously known-good state of the system.

A redundant server option offers Batch Management high availability by mirroring the operations of the primary server and continuing batch execution in the event that a hardware issue occurs on the primary server.

The software includes a set of programmatic interfaces to provide access to the material and the recipe databases for integration with third party software such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, or to access the batch function interface and to extend the capabilities of the Batch Manager.


What value does it bring to the user?

Using AVEVAs Batch Management software, manufacturers improve yields through increased product quality and operational efficiency. Recipe and batch management standardization across plants also enables companies to reduce time to market.

Batch Management provides a consistent quality of products by automating batch processes, with complete batch history, material traceability and reporting.

Sophisticated equipment arbitration and concurrent batch management capabilities maximize asset utilization and throughput in multi-product and multi-stream plant environments.

Customers reported 20% average quality and productivity, and 10% average equipment utilization and new product introduction improvements in a TechValidate survey.

Key competitive differentiators

  • A unique ISA-88 compatible Transfer Classes and Material Management concept reduces the engineering efforts and provides full batch genealogy and reporting out of the box.
  • Sophisticated equipment arbitration and concurrent batch management capabilities maximize asset utilization and throughput in multi-product and multi-stream plant environments.
  • The coordination of control system phases by the Batch Server offers flexibility in recipe procedure changes and can lower the cost of recipe revalidation in regulated industries.
  • Model synchronization with System Platform provides a configurable and sustainable integration with extensibility for advanced software functionality managed as batch phases.
  • Independence of control systems using Avevas OI Servers and the ISA-88 compliant phase state interface allows for multi-plant recipe and batch management standardization across different automation systems.


Batch Management 2017 is available from Dec 6th, 2018 as an ISO image or ZIP download from the Global Customer Support website (GCS/WDN) / Product Hub.


Batch Management 2017 activated licensing is not backwards compatible with former versions of Wonderware InBatch software.