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Improving Safety, Quality and Productivity


Uncontrollable paper trails

Research within global manufacturing industry shows: thousands of paper lists are completed and filed every day. Every leader knows: the most underestimated and complex sensors are in the hands of the shop floor employees. These people have hands-on experience and they walk the process every day! Unfortunately, the same research showed that 40 to 60% of actions, observations and improvements remain ‘invisible’ to the company. “I still observe Engineers, Quality managers and external auditors ploughing through paper archives with signatures and written dates. To find out if an operator did his daily check and calibration of a critical asset. Can you imagine this today!?”


Sustainable heartbeat

Many companies have a love-hate relationship with regulatory requirements (like ISO, FDA, GMP+, AIB, IFS, Kosher, Halal, etc.). The administrative burden is sometimes hindering the daily manufacturing routine, there is no question about this. “As a manufacturing leader, I envisioned an industrial paradigm. We had rigid process automation systems and very reliable historians. But why was it still so difficult to sustain:

  1. WHO has been
  2. WHERE,
  3. identified WHAT and
  4. exactly WHEN

These 4 basic requirements, define the heartbeat of any sustainable manufacturing process in full compliance with regulations. This ultimate challenge kept me awake at night and made me think… and rethink”


Neglected circumstantial evidence

The industry needs employee involvement to provide valuable information. For many years methodologies like TPM, LEAN, 6-sigma and Agile are trying to close the information gap.

I saw many examples where these improvement methods fail miserably, due to an unrealistic focus on data and a disconnected shop floor. If we look at an average asset, the automation system will provide us BIG data and sometimes SMALL information. However, an experienced employee can give you valuable information. And with experience, this person can even do some useful predictions. When all employees are aware and are looking for anomalies and deviations, improvement will start. I never understand why  circumstantial evidence from the shop floor is ignored most of the time.”


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Easy to implement solution

“In 2008, PSTAMP developed CheckStamp©, a solution to log the 4 basic requirements for a sustainable manufacturing process. It is simple, flexible and experience-based. We realized our ultimate implementation goal: to secure and report existing inspection- and improvement rounds with the implementation in 1 day.”  

In May 2020 PSTAMP became a part of Wonderware Benelux. With this collaboration, the shop floor experience of PSTAMP is combined with the innovative and reliable power of Wonderware.



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Written by:

Hein M. Winkelaar M.Sc. Chemical Engineer, experienced plant- production manager & founder of PSTAMP

As a manufacturing leader, I had the difficult task to continuously improve Productivity, without making any sacrifice to Safety and Quality. I saw operators and mechanics using a pen, filling out paper checklists, everywhere and every day. With obvious good intentions, no doubt about that.”