A history of optimising business processes

Wonderware was formed in 1987 by Dennis Morin and Phil Huber around a vision that operators could monitor factory operations more effectively if their tools were as fun and easy to use as a video game interface. They were soon joined by partners Cole Chevalier, Bill Urone and Jerry Cuckler.

In 1987, with the introduction of the InTouch HMI (on two 5¼ inch floppy disks), Wonderware became the first human-machine interface built on the Microsoft Windows operating system, giving plant operators and managers unprecedented capability to interact with and control their plants. As a result, Wonderware became one of the fastest-growing software companies in the US during the early 1990s. And now, with more than 750,000 licences in over 100,000 plants, factories and industrial facilities around the world running InTouch and Wonderware software, Wonderware remains the market leader.

The face of industrial innovation

The InTouch HMI has literally changed the face of manufacturing and now, as part of the $26+ billion energy and engineering company Schneider Electric, Wonderware technology continues to be the face of industrial innovation. The InTouch interface has become the HMI of choice for monitoring and collecting data from industrial processes, ushering in an age of industrial information technology in which operators can acquire more process and production data faster than ever before.

In addition to connecting operators with process information, Wonderware focuses on helping them apply that data to optimise business processes. Today’s Wonderware line has expanded to solutions that simplify operator interactions with each other, with other productivity applications, and with the enterprise and beyond.

Getting people, processes, equipment and applications in sync

Wonderware was enabling intelligent enterprise connectivity long before it was called the Internet of Things. The Wonderware System Platform drives the open yet secure communications across the extended enterprise and value chain, synchronising people, processes, equipment and applications. To help companies take full advantage of its powerful interface and integration technology, Wonderware also offers advanced applications that run on its system platform, applications that support manufacturing and production processes, performance management, manufacturing intelligence, business process management and collaboration. Our products are brought to you via a global network of more than 150 distributors and sales offices, and more than 3000 Wonderware System Integration Partners and Wonderware Industry Solution Partners.