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Wonderware training course information
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Training Course Schedule 2017

Week Dates Month Training Comment
50 12-13 December Recipe Manager Plus

A System Platform training has a duration of 8 days.
There are two parts and every part starts at Monday and ends on Thursday.

Historian Server & Historian Client are both two-day trainings.
The Historian Server training starts on Monday, the Historian Client training on Wednesday.

An InTouch training has a duration of 5 days. This training starts on Monday and ends on Friday.

MES Operations training is a 4-day training and starts on Monday.
MES Performance training is a 2-day training and starts on Monday.

The Intelligence training has a duration of 2 days and starts on Monday.

Training Course Schedule 2017 – French

Semaine Dates Mois Feluy Remarque
50 12-13 Décembre Historian Server Registration closed
50 14-15 Décembre Historian Client & InSight Fully Booked