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Wonderware Benelux Support

Logo Wonderware CSPWonderware Benelux is the Wonderware Certified Support Provider in Benelux. Members of our Team also hold titles of Wonderware Certified Training Provider, Microsoft Certified Database Administrator and Microsoft Certified Professional.

Our team of Tech Support Specialists are ready to answer your questions and help you solve your technical issues. Our Application Engineers are all engineers with industry experience to go along with their extensive Wonderware software training. This combination allows us to provide support in the context of your manufacturing challenges so that you get the best advice possible.

Whether you need guidance installing, configuring and maintaining equipment and software, diagnosing and fixing operating problem, we deliver the tools and answers that you need to keep your manufacturing and industrial automation equipment up and running.

Customers with membership in the Wonderware Customer First Program have access to our support staff for expert advice on applying, configuring, using, and maintaining any of the Wonderware product offerings along with assistance on best practices for implementation.

Wonderware’s Customer First Program consists of a portfolio of distinct levels of service: Standard level, Premium level and Elite level. These service levels have been created to meet the varied and demanding requirements of industrial manufacturing.

For more information about this support contract, please contact us at:


On these pages you can find information about:

  • Our Wonderware Benelux hot-line Technical Assistance
  • The new Wonderware Knowledge & Support Center : Wonderware Global Customer Support (GCS)
  • The new on-line access to the Wonderware Customer First Support through the Electronic Software Delivery (ESD).
  • The Registration Wonderware USA Assessments for Certified Developers

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