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Wonderware Batch Management Software Solutions

Thousands of customers rely on batch management software solutions from Wonderware to perform repeatable and consistent execution of batching processes across all industries. Whether it is as electronic batch records (EBR) system in regulated industries, paperless operated production environments or automated recipe management for supervisory systems.

From simple batch processes, where only the formula changes for different products, to the most complex batch processes requiring dynamic allocation of shared equipment – Wonderware has a solution. Each of which ensures reduced lifecycle costs and investment protection by leveraging the ArchestrA software architecture.

Key Benefits

  • Consistent and repeatable execution of batch processes for improved product quality and reduce production costs
  • Faster introduction of new products
  • Lower lifecycle costs through tight integration to supervisory and MES capabilities

Key Capabilities

  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Flexible process model design and recipe definitions according to ISA88 standard
  • Facilitate 21 CFR Part 11 system design
  • Record and report on history of batches, equipment and security logging

Related Success Stories

Wonderware software becomes the plant standard for batch manufacturing capability, manufacturing systems platform, organizational design and asset care for the Ibahyi brewery which was completed in a record 18 months from groundbreaking to full production.

Read the Success Story (pdf)  |  View the Success Story Video

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