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Wonderware MES Software / Performance

Knowing the efficiency or effectiveness of your plant equipment is vital if you want to maintain a profitable business. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Plant Uptime have become the most commonly used operational metrics today, and the starting point for MES software and manufacturing intelligence investment in many cases. OEE uses three measures: quality, throughput, and equipment availability, to provide you with a tangible metric that can be used to baseline performance and set operational standards for improvements.
Operating your production equipment most productively starts with detailed, objective and structured plant equipment downtime and efficiency information. Especially in highly automated production lines, equipment downtime is the main reason for production losses.
Wonderware MES Software/Performance provides a configurable, standardized software approach to downtime tracking and OEE monitoring. Wonderware MES Software connects non-intrusively to your existing automation systems to generate highly accurate and timely views of equipment performance that you can use to drive improvements. Critical equipment downtime and efficiency information is communicated in real time to operators and decision-makers who can take immediate actions resulting in improved plant performance and productivity, by arming with the most up to date operational results.


Key Benefits

  • Improved asset utilization and subsequent reduced cost of manufacturing by monitoring plant performance and using detailed downtime analyses
  • Increased plant productivity and efficiency through OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) monitoring & reporting
  • Proliferated, sustained best practices through repeatable process improvements

Key Capabilities

  • Equipment downtime tracking and analysis
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring in real-time
  • Interactive Downtime and OEE reports with drill down analysis, published in Wonderware Information Server
  • Configurable extensibility: additional MES Software functionality offered such as materials traceability, product genealogy, work order execution and inline quality management
  • Uses modeling capabilities and plant equipment connectivity of Wonderware System Platform.
  • Enables creation of performance metric standards that can be used for multi-plant rollouts

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Pepsi Bottling Ventures - Idaho

Pepsi Bottling Ventures chose Wonderware software to upgrade its data collection capabilities and provide insights that have resulted in significant improvements in changeover performance and quick project payback.


Read the Success Story (pdf)

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