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Wonderware MES Software / Operations

Wonderware Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software/Operations provides improved operational efficiency, secure work order execution to specification, and reduced cost of internal and external quality, food and consumer safety compliance.
Wonderware MES Software/Operations provides configurable options to document, manage and execute production operations by capturing, monitoring and managing information about the “Who, What, When, Where, Why and How Much” information during work order execution. It manages inventory tracking, collects information on consumed materials and product genealogy (the “as built” record). Execution capabilities include start, end or put Jobs on hold, manage bills of material and equipment set point specifications– including downloads to automated equipment with or without operator intervention. Integration with Wonderware System Platform provides connectivity with existing automated equipment and processes. Electronic work instructions and operator procedure enforcement are executed for both manual processes and data collection tasks.
The incremental, low-risk approach to instituting a Manufacturing Execution System from Wonderware allows MES to be implemented in steps, with a fast Return on Investment (ROI).

Key Benefits

  • Reduces production order lead time, enabling rapid response to changes in demand by dynamic allocation of production assets and more detailed production planning.
  • Lower variance in production, by improved consistency in operational activities.
  • Improved inventory velocity through increased visibility into actual material consumptions, movements and inventory levels.
  • Predictability of order fulfillment by monitoring accurate ‘planned vs. actual’ production quantities.
  • Improved compliance and governance through complete electronic system records for ‘as planned’ and ‘as built’ information.
  • Low risk, step by step implementation with long term sustainability and low total cost of ownership (TCO)

Key Capabilities

  • Process modeling, Bill of materials and equipment set points specification management
  • Full electronic record of work order execution, providing traceability and product genealogy
  • Work order execution, Job and WIP management, including dynamic routing
  • Operator interface functionality to support and guide manual operations, or data entry activities, including procedural steps
  • Role based security, including labor tracking and certifications
  • Inventory management and material tracking throughout storage locations and machines on the shop floor
  • Configurable extensibility for equipment downtime and efficiency (OEE) tracking, and inline quality sampling and statistical process control
  • Model synchronization and MES Software Object template for configuration activities, real-time execution and plant equipment connectivity in Wonderware System Platform
  • Facilitation of corporate MES standards, multiple language and time zone support
  • Standards-based Plant to Enterprise (P2E) integration for information exchange with business systems and supply chain visibility.
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