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Wonderware QI Analyst Software

Statistical Process Control Software helps to quickly reduce variations, reduce costs of manufacturing and increase productivity in nearly any vertical industry—that’s all possible with Wonderware QI Analyst.

Wonderware QI Analyst Statistical Process Control (SPC) software offers powerful analytical techniques, real-time communications to shop floor systems and data source openness to empower every member of your team — from operators to quality professionals to make decisions based on actual, ongoing SPC results.

Performing both on-line and historical SPC, QI Analyst supports process monitoring and alarm management, as well as historical reports to view process “health” over any period of time. Real-time SPC, analysis and reporting are enabled through connectivity to Wonderware System Platform or virtually any control system or equipment via the Wonderware DA Server or OPC connectivity.

With its role-based security model and persistent process quality data hosted in a central QI Analyst database, users can scale QI Analyst architecture from a single node system to multiple or many workstations, to support a plant wide in-line quality management strategy.


Key Benefits

  • Enable quick operator reactions to process problems
  • Predict problems that are about to happen for more proactive quality management
  • Report the “health” of your manufacturing processes with no time lags for decision making

Key Capabilities

  • Real-time data charting with indication of non-conformance, limit and rule violation conditions
  • Full complement of SPC charts
  • Real-time and historical SPC including calculations & alarms
  • Link to virtually any existing data source and control system
  • Database backbone
  • Facilitates 21 CFR Part 11 compliant implementations
  • Integrated to Wonderware InTouch HMI and Wonderware Historian