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Wonderware Intelligence Software

Wonderware Intelligence Software puts you in control of your operational performance!

Wonderware Intelligence is Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) Software. It provides an information framework, taking Wonderware and non-Wonderware-derived operations data sources to calculate, contextualize, store and present operational Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics.
Using an intuitive dashboard, Wonderware Intelligence provides real-time visibility, allowing immediate decision-making on actual operations performance to manage close alignment with your business targets. Powerful, easy to use analytics and innovative visualization technology empowers workers, operational users and decision makers, putting Manufacturing Big Data in their hands. Wonderware Intelligence information is available anytime and anywhere through a web browser or via a mobile device.
Intelligence automates the transformation of data across multiple sources into actionable information in context. Operational performance data is put in context with process behavior, scheduling, costs and usage of resources to offer a new level of visibility and information. Intelligence uncovers optimization potential hidden in disconnected functional domains, and in separate sets of data typically found in most enterprises today.


Key Features

  • Improve business performance by gaining visibility into Key Performance Indicators on a site-wide, or corporate-wide, basis.
  • Empower your operational users and enrich existing skill sets with self-service access to information
  • Facilitate your continuous improvement processes with a standard software approach to Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence
  • Enable operational awareness anywhere and anytime with access to manufacturing intelligence information on mobile devices
  • Leverage your existing investment in Wonderware, with fast time to value via predefined content for Wonderware Alarms, InBatch, MES/Performance, Corporate Energy Management, SimSci ROMeo and Avantis Enterprise Asset Management software

Key Capabilities

  • Connectivity to Wonderware and non-Wonderware data sources such as OSIsoft PI historian, transactional databases or business systems export files
  • Configurable information model using an intuitive model builder
  • Metrics and context data continuously updated in near real time resolution
  • Intelligence Software with SQL Server 2012 can be used with any preferred Reporting and BI Tool and is the foundation to a cloud-ready information platform
  • Intelligence Clients integrate Tableau Software™ for:
    • Self-service access to build your own dashboards and reports
    • Powerful Analytics to explore data with drag and drop functionality
    • Web-based dashboards with innovative visualization capabilities
    • Support for mobile tablet devices with Tableau’s iPad and Android apps
    • Role based security to display personalized Key Performance Metrics



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