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Information Server

Wonderware Information Server aggregates and presents plant performance metrics and production data to operations, maintenance and engineering personnel, via an easy to implement web solution.

Information Server doesn’t require custom web programming meaning that plant personnel, with a minimum of training, can install, configure and implement a highly effective plant information portal or embed it into other corporate web portals.

Process graphics, trends, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboards, production reports, equipment downtime, equipment efficiency, operations events and history, product traceability and genealogy all can be viewed through the secure Information Server portal.

Solve problems faster with the Information Server’s OverView feature which aggregates and adds context to a wide range of operational and production information. OverView is fully customizable so each user has the right information at the right time, for better collaboration and troubleshooting.


Key Benefits

  • Easy to implement web information portal
  • Access to Key Performance Indicators (KPI) anywhere, at any time
  • Keeps everyone better informed on plant performance
  • Accelerates troubleshooting and decision making
  • Facilitates productivity and workforce improvements

Key Capabilities

  • Real-time and historical plant data in proper context
  • Online access to plant process graphics
  • Integrated data trending and analysis
  • Production and performance reporting
  • Integration with existing IT infrastructure and web portals
  • “Container” for Wonderware Intelligence reports

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Ontario Clean Water Agency

Wonderware software solution delivers OCWA increased efficiency and cost control. Scalability, standardization and additional reporting capabilities help provide higher service levels to customers while offering increased visibility.


Read the Success Story (pdf)

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